Christian Charity goes digital to support children in Uganda

A Christian Education charity has had to think outside the box to continue raising funds during the coronavirus lockdown.

New Mind Ministries, like most, has needed to innovate during Covid-19. Typically relying on in-person fundraising events, the charity has needed to look at new ways to raise sponsorship.

To solve this problem, New Mind Ministries explored options on how they could ‘go digital’ engaging with donors online.

Initially, the team was uncertain about how to make this happen but was surprised to learn the number of free tools to help charities go digital.

With this support, New Mind Ministries was able to refresh its website and social media profiles which outlines its key projects in Uganda including School Building and Child Education Sponsorship.

With Christmas approaching, they’ve also just launched their Gifts Catalogue where people can buy gifts for others. For example, Gifting a Goat, which supplies a pregnant goat to a Ugandan family enabling them to begin a herd.

New Mind Ministries founder Peter Sinclair said:

“We were concerned about how we would raise money during Covid for the poor children and families we support in Uganda. However, we were surprised at how accessible digital channels can be for small charities like ours.”

“Every day we are learning new ways to engage with sponsors and build our digital channels. Our advice to other charities, do research, connect with your network and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can get started.”

New Mind Ministries say they are thankful that they are able to continue support for poor communities in Uganda.

More information can be found online at

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