New Bible Study App sees tenfold increase in users during pandemic

With lockdown restrictions continuing and many churches still unable to meet in person, Christians across the globe are embracing new and unprecedented opportunities to develop and share their faith and build community together. Aiming to support this need and help transform Christian communities, WordGo, an app launched by Bible Study Fellowship (BSF), that equips Christians with Bible study resources, tools and teaching has seen a tenfold increase in its users during the pandemic, with more women than men engaging with the content. 

The State of the Bible 2020 report by American Bible Society, also shows a huge opportunity for the actively engaged Church, with over 65 per cent of adults claiming to be ‘Bible curious’ and reporting that more than half of women (52 per cent) are more ‘Bible engaged’ and ‘Bible friendly’ compared to men. The WordGo app has seen this curiosity for Bible engagement translate into an exponential increase (one thousand per cent) in their users from January to July 2020, with 75 per cent of their users being female. 

The WordGo app is a free digital resource designed to make leading a group Bible study simple. The concise 2-6 week Bible courses consist of Scripture readings, questions, study notes and audio teachings that are fully customisable enabling participants to decide how much time they want to study each day and providing the right amount of content to match. 

Simon Lennox, Director of WordGo said,

“With the pandemic stripping away our social interactions face-to-face,  there has never been a better time to grow the community aspect of church. WordGo has been a great way of doing Bible study together during lockdown, creating a daily rhythm of Bible study for the user and their church community to grow spiritually in the Word of God.

“The app encourages participants to gather once a week, bi-weekly or monthly, online or in-person, to discuss questions and encourage each other in what they have learnt. We have had amazing feedback from young professionals, mums, families and friends, telling us that this study plan fits perfectly in their lives and enables a sustainable daily rhythm of reading the Bible both alone and together.”

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