Flick Solitaire celebrates BHM with new decks designed by black artists

The supercharged solitaire game already solid in its mission to commission diverse artists deals huge support for Black History Month.  The four featured artists Bareface, Jemila, Giftieart and Rain radiate from London to Philadelphia.

The Artists

Jemila Green-Okoloba “Best In Dough Deck” from 1st October

Digital artist and game developer from London channels the cute, creating characters she wants to see represented more in the media.  With her love of all things sweet her deck is good enough to eat.  Jemila also featured in theDIGIPRIDE Gayming Magazine Queer Art Exhibition 2020 

“My deck is based on my love for cute characters and sweet treats!  I really wanted to draw characters who look like me, and people like me, in a way you don’t often get to see in the art scene.  Also there is just something about a neapolitan colour scheme that just speaks to me!”

– Jemila

Bareface “SkullDuggery” from 8th October

London based child of the 80s fuses Street and Pop Art to boldly birth his own StreetPop Art.  Bareface found the Flick Solitaire family a dream to work with, adjusting his methods to make art in a format that would fit the decks.

This project is the first time I have worked in this kind of format as my work is usually a lot larger, so it was an adjustment and took me a few attempts to nail, but we got there in the end!”

– Bareface

Giftieart “Black History Deck” from 15th October

Based in England, Gifty is a freelance 2D/3D digital artist and animator.  Giftieart raises awareness by bringing back to life infamous and influential black historical figures from Nelson Mandela, Katherine Johnson and Billie Holiday.

The Black History Deck’s twelve facecards depict black historical icons in arts, science, civil rights and sports from around the world.  The deck provides players easy accessible fun and history in one hand.

Rain Demetri “Monster Mayhem” from 22nd October

Originally from New Jersey and calling Philadelphia, U.S.A. her home, Rain headlines as the games first horrifyingly adorable Halloween deck.  Rain is a freelance artist and carpenter – ecstatically proud to close the Black History Month celebrations with her Halloween deck.   

Black History Month originated in America and is celebrated during February whilst in the U.K. Ireland and the Netherlands observed during October.

Join the Black History Month celebrations – download the decks during October.

Website: www.flick.games

Instagram: www.instagram.com/flicksolitaire

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