Safe in His arms…a call to a sequestered place

What has this year meant to you? Has it been a year of grief, of shock, of confusion? Have you felt unsettled and unable to get a firm grasp on your day? Have your screens been filled with constant angst leaving you feel powerless and unsure of the next step?

Well I bring to you a different  viewpoint, maybe this year wasn’t all about “the chase”, maybe it wasn’t about getting to “my next level”, what if this year was about resetting the dial, about understanding your identity and being still enough to be rebirthed as something completely new?

Just as a pearl is formed when an irritant connects with an oyster and goes through a process of transformation, so it is, we often need to go through a process of seclusion and incubation in order to become something of great value. A pearl doesn’t transform overnight, it needs the right environment and DNA. So I encourage you not to see this “lockdown” period as  an inconvenience but rather a chance to pause, reflect and reset in this time.

Join us on Friday 16th and Saturday 17th October for Sequestered, a virtual conference for women across the world. Hosted by Pastor Dionne Lamont of PharezNow, hear from anointed speakers, psalmists and intercessors as they arm you with the tools to connect with God and realign to His will. Be blessed by such speakers as  Pastor Dionne Lamont, Minister Melanie Hamilton,  Pastor Linda Willis and many more.

Be immersed in prophetic worship from Maureen Dennis, Shyan Hazel and Simone Bailey and refresh your thinking in “The Powder Room” where our women will have real and frank discussion on dealing with loss and loneliness, navigating careers in this time and mental health.

Registration is free through Eventbrite

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