Research Reveals church weddings will soar in 2021

A new study by Ramsdens Jewellery shows how COVID-19 will impact wedding trends for 2021.

The coronavirus pandemic has put the future of weddings into question, with the restrictions being placed on nuptials forcing couples to change their original wedding plans.

So, as couples rethink their wedding plans, what do the top wedding trends for 2021 look like?

Here’s the top 10 wedding trends for 2021 according to Google data:

The study analysed Google search data year on year to reveal the top 10 wedding trends for 2021 as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Overall, the most popular trend is small weddings with a +122% rise in year on year searches since June 2019.

This is then followed by garden weddings and winter weddings.

Small weddings are here to stay

There’s a lot of uncertainty around when larger weddings will be allowed to go ahead again. So, it isn’t a shock that we’ve seen a significant increase in the number of people searching for small wedding rules and inspiration. It looks like a lot of events planned for 2021 will be quite intimate, with shorter guestlists. 

Wedding photographer and owner at Micaela Karina Photography, Micaela Karina says: 

“I’ve noticed more and more couples focus on smaller weddings. As Instagram and blogs showcase more alternative ways of getting married (like eloping), more couples were already moving away from big, expensive, debt-inducing weddings. The pandemic has only encouraged this more as couples are ‘forced’ to consider downsizing. I think smaller weddings (less than 50) will be a common theme for a long time to come.” 

More people will be having garden weddings

We now know that there’s a lower risk of coronavirus spreading outdoors, so it’s unsurprisingly that there’s been a 115% increase in the number of people searching for garden wedding inspiration, when you compare June 2020 to June 2019.

Alice Higgins, Managing Director at The Events Executive Ltd says: 

“Here at The Events Executive we specialise in outdoor weddings and have seen the increase in their popularity. Not only does it give people more reassurance regarding restrictions, but it also gives them more flexibility and freedom to design their day exactly as they want to.”

There’ll be more winter wonderland weddings

With the majority of 2020 summer weddings being cancelled, many have been moved to the end of the year or even postponed until 2021. And, as there’s bound to be an increase in demand next year, this might have forced more people to look at winter dates.

Alice Higgins, Managing Director at The Events Executive Ltd says: 

“The latter part of next year is looking to be incredibly busy with some venues saying that they have wedding bookings for every day of the week.”

To see all the 10 trends in detail and to learn more visit Ramsdens Jewellery’s blog post here.

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