Francis Chan Challenges The Western Church To Learn From The East

The Western church is struggling in the pandemic and could learn much from the East -that’s the message from evangelist Francis Chan in a frank conversation with his mentor, now available on YouTube.

Francis Chan’s comments came as part of an interview with Dr K.P Yohannan, founder and Director of Gospel for Asia. The interview highlighted the work of the charity on the ground in Asia, how the pandemic is affecting the work of the church there and highlighting Dr K.P.’s most recent published book “Never Give Up.”

COVID-19 emergency legislation has meant that church has had to change drastically. A survey by the Public Religion Research Institute found that one third or more of those who had previously attended church are no longer bothering to watch online services. The fear is that the disconnect from church could be permanent.

During the honest and open discussion with his mentor, Francis Chan commented,

“How is the world ever going to recover, the division, the anger, the economy? It’s just getting more and more split and sadly churches are following suit.”

Chan continued,

“Prior to the pandemic, I was saddened that people in the West seemed to only attend prayer meetings if there was a great speaker or the ‘right’ worship band present. What happens in Asia opened my eyes significantly- when people hear of a prayer meeting they get excited- this just doesn’t happen in the West. Church leaders are struggling in this pandemic and I want to urge them to continue to meet when they can and celebrate the body and blood of Christ.”

Dr K.P. Yohannan, who founded Gospel for Asia in 1979, said

“This is a season for a lot of us to pause and think and be with the Lord within our Churches. I am deeply troubled by the Church across the world. It seems when difficulties start (the pandemic) many lose sight of where God is. We need to never give up supporting one another through this time.”

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