Aled Jones – A book of blessings for every day of the year

Daily life is so busy that it’s hard to see the wood for the trees. Take a few minutes each day to ponder a nugget of wisdom chosen especially for you by singer and presenter Aled Jones.

Aled’s faith in God has sustained him all his life – it is a God that speaks and exists through all things, times and places. Drawing on spiritual wisdom across the ages, from ancient times to the modern day, as well as across diverse cultures, Aled has compiled a daily reader that will help ground
and inspire you each day of the year.

“Everyday Blessings is to be used and enjoyed by those who follow a particular faith and those who don’t… this book is for everyone!… At the core of every faith is love. The world has changed so much due to the Corona-virus pandemic and everyone has suffered in some way… I hope the words of wisdom in this book transport you somewhere else and offer comfort and hope in equal measure.” –Aled Jones

The year is divided up into monthly themes, ranging from New Beginnings, to treasuring the little things in life and the power of a smile. Charming line drawing illustrations decorate the page and journalling space each month allows the reader to respond to what they are reading by either making notes or with a drawing of their own.

A book that’s perfect as a gift for mum or dad, it is perfect to dip in and out of during the year and will be a favourite treasure trove of wisdom for all who love watching Aled on BBC TV or listen to his inspiring show on Classic FM or BBC Radio Wales.

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