Why trust The Bible?

‘You don’t honestly believe all that stuff in the Bible!’

Challenged by her friends, and later as a student by theological teachers, Amy Orr-Ewing was determined to leave no stone unturned in her eagerness to prove that the Bible was unique and wholly reliable. Her passion drove her to complete an in-depth study of the answers to ten of the most frequently raised objections she encountered, including:

* Isn’t it all a matter of interpretation?
* Can we know anything about history?
* Are the original manuscripts reliable?
* What about the canon?
* What about other holy books?
* Isn’t the Bible sexist?
* What about all the wars?
* Isn’t the Bible out of date on sex?
* How can I know?

Sensitively yet convincingly, the author addresses the issues and the arguments, showing that we have every reason to trust the Bible today.

‘In a sceptical age, where myths and assumptions about the Bible swirl ever around, there’s a vital need to demonstrate that there are very good reasons to trust it. In her wonderfully accessible book, Amy Orr-Ewing has taken some of the latest scholarship about the Bible and its origins and made it accessible for a wide audience – and as she does, shows where there are numerous reasons, whether one is a doubter or a disciple, to take the Bible seriously.’

Dr Andy Bannister, speaker, author, Director, The Solas Centre for Public Christianity

‘Amy Orr- Ewing is among the most important Christian communi- cators in the English-speaking world, and in this new edition of Why Trust the Bible? she shows exactly why. Dr Orr-Ewing is simultaneously intelligent and entertaining, convincing and sympathetic to those who doubt the whole show. I cannot recommend this book enough, and I look forward to giving away copies to my sceptical friends.’ Dr John Dickson, Distinguished Fellow, Ridley College, Melbourne, and Lecturer in Historical Jesus, University of Sydney

‘Amy does a great job laying out a case for the reliability of the Bible here. In a time when the validity of the Bible is a major question, this is a much needed resource.’

Lisa Fields, Founder and President, Jude3 Project

‘Insightful and intellectual. We all have questions and it can be hard to figure out where to go for answers. In her book Why Trust the Bible? Dr Amy Orr-Ewing addresses some of the most common tensions surrounding Scripture with grace and truth. Adding new insights and responses, Dr Amy approaches each issue with surgical- like wisdom and a stunning heart to see people come to know the true answer of life – Jesus.’ Louie Giglio, pastor, Passion City Church, Founder of Passion Conferences and author of Not Forsaken

‘Dr Orr-Ewing addresses key questions about the reliability of the Bible and the coherence of a biblical world view, deftly handling issues of context and presuppositions, and moving adroitly through the counterarguments. The opening chapters lay a solid foundation by untangling postmodern and post-postmodern anxieties over hermeneutics and epistemology. Subsequent chapters benefit from her profound awareness of the current cultural landscape and her skill at reframing our questions in more helpful and elucidating ways to get at the heart of the matter. Refreshing, informative and engaging. This is a book to buy in bulk to share with others!’ Dr Susan Griffith, Associate Member, Theology and Religion Faculty, University of Oxford

‘Amy is one of the foremost British evangelists and apologists of our generation.’

Nicky Gumbel, minister and pastor at Holy Trinity, Brompton, London, and developer of the Alpha Course

‘[For the 2005 edition] Brilliant! Tough questions deserve clear and convincing answers. This is state-of-the-art apologetics that needs no apology. Amy’s fascinating, wise and informative comments impressively counter much of the superficial and frequently un- challenged debunking of the Bible that we meet everywhere today, such as in lightweight journalism, TV documentaries and blockbuster novels like The Da Vinci Code. A must read for every armchair critic, historian and philosopher. User-friendly and great fun too!’ Greg Haslam, author and former pastor, Westminster Chapel, London

‘I am delighted to welcome this new edition of a profoundly helpful book. Amy tackles ten widespread and difficult questions about the Bible and gives them thoughtful, intelligent, wise answers. Highly recommended to anyone grappling with these issues.’ Canon J.John, evangelist and author, The Philo Trust, Rickmansworth

‘This excellent book confronts ten difficult questions about the Bible with honesty and conviction. It will be invaluable to anyone wrest- ling with these questions or trying to help others who wrestle with them.’

Professor Alister McGrath, author and Andreas Idrios Professor of Science and Religion, University of Oxford

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