Marriage is Easy as ABC

It almost seems unbelievable doesn’t it?! In a world where lasting relationships are as fickle as the wind, how is a happy marriage even possible?

Relationship coaches and content creators Ayo and Ope Davies (Ayope, as they are fondly called) demystify the age-old myth that marriage is hard. In this raw, empowering and inspiring book, Ayope use relatable experiences and practical insights to guide marriages. Using simple concepts to tackle seemingly tough marital issues, ‘Marriage is Easy as ABC’ successfully focuses on key strategies to help readers enjoy marriage.

“Marriage is easy if we can work hard at following the principles that make marriage work”.

Forward written by Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo, a renowned Pastor, Relationship counsellor and Bestselling Author of A-Z of Marriage, 25 wrong reasons people enter relationships and Manual.

This book is an effortless guide on how anyone can have a happy marriage despite the negative stereotypes, a rocky foundation or a cumbersome journey thus far.

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Ayo and Ope have also produced a short film titled “Marriage is Easy”, which highlights common marital issues and practical solutions for not only surviving but thriving in marriage.

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Author Bio

Ayo and Ope Davies, aka “Ayope”, are certified relationship and marriage coaches. As authors and speakers, Ayope’s mission is to help individuals and couples overcome challenges, and achieve their desired relationship goals.

Ayope have been able to reach and inspire thousands through their online platforms and are constantly looking for ways to reach more people. Their counsel has helped many individuals develop hope for God-ordained love, solid relationships, and happy marriages. They are the founders of Lovelasting Relationships, a ministry dedicated to helping singles and couples build and nurture their relationships effectively. They also make YouTube videos, sharing their marriage experience, faith and lifestyle with the world.

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