Christian rap artist Drakare releases new single ‘On God’

Drakare is an Urban Christian Rap artist, singer and song writer from Nigeria. His interests cuts across science, technology, literature and music.

Drakare is breaking boundaries as a Christian artist, truely gifted, his love for music began with his deep knowledge of poetry. and he is truly gifted as he artistically combines different genres with ease.

He states:

‘I believe music should pass a message and also be fun.

ON GOD is an affirmation of Colossians chapter 3, verse 17. It is an expression of appreciation and thankfulness to God for his unending love and care he shows to us every time. ‘

Follow Drakare on his social media channels:

Facebook: Drakare Abaa

Instagram: Drakare_abaa 

Twitter: drakare_abaa 

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