Fundraising kit launched to support churches

A new one-stop box of practical fundraising resources specially designed to support churches has been developed by specialist insurers Ecclesiastical.

Fundraising in a Box is a practical guide to help church customers grow their fundraising activity during a time when financial pressures are at their highest.

The boxes include four booklets covering: Making a fundraising ask; Asking for donations and submitting bids; Making a fundraising request and saying thank you. Each section contains information, guidance and practical tools on how to help churches to grow their fundraising.

With many churches relying on volunteers or members of the clergy to lead their fundraising activities, it can be a challenge to prioritise fundraising on top of the day to day tasks involved in running a church.

With over 130 years’ experience of working with churches, Ecclesiastical has used its unique position as a charitably-owned business to support churches through this challenging time.

In June of this year, Ecclesiastical launched the free Church Fundraising Hub to support churches with their fundraising activities during COVID-19 and beyond. The hub has been designed to be easily accessible, and benefit as many churches as possible, with a range of tools to help address fundraising needs during the pandemic.

Fundraising in a Box is the latest addition to the insurer’s range of fundraising resources and is designed to provide churches with clear guidance and steps to take to make the fundraising journey easier and more successful.

Michael Angell, church operations director at Ecclesiastical Insurance, said:

“We all know that fundraising can be a challenge at the best of times, often falling to busy volunteers and clergy with other priorities, and the impact of Covid-19 has left many churches struggling to make ends meet.

“The loss of their usual sources of income, such as premises hire and community events, coupled with a reduction in fundraising activities means there is more need than ever for churches to secure vital funds through other sources.

“We hope that churches find this toolkit helpful and insightful.”

The toolkit can be ordered by calling the fundraising helpline on 0345 601 9959, by e-mailing or visiting:

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