Evangelical Alliance calls the UK to pray

The Evangelical Alliance has called a UK day of prayer on 13 November to bring the country before God. The organisation is working with networks, denominations and churches to bring together Christians to pray for  the UK amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The day of prayer highlights that, regardless of lockdowns, Christians still have the great privilege and freedom to be able to call upon God for healing in our nations. The call to pray will focus on those in leadership in the UK, who are making decisions about containing the virus and treating those affected by it, those working on the frontline in health and social care, as well as those most at risk and those who suffer hardship and distress.

“We believe that the first response of all of us who love Jesus should be to fall on our knees and cry out in prayer for our country at this time,”

says Gavin Calver, CEO of the Evangelical Alliance.

“On 13 November, we are calling the church to pray for our leaders, the NHS and the vulnerable in our communities. It’s time to focus our prayers together, asking for a breakthrough in the UK, an end to this virus, and the church to make Jesus known.”

This day of prayer will take place as churches find themselves facing different restrictions across the UK. Throughout the pandemic churches have changed how they operate while maintaining their core mission and vision. Even during the strictest stages of lockdown almost 90 per cent of church leaders said their churches were working to meet the needs of vulnerable people struggling during the coronavirus pandemic.

Gavin Calver said:

“Part of our prayer is that churches will be free to continue this vital role in sustaining spiritual, community and mental health, and supporting vital community services such as foodbanks, which help the most vulnerable.”

“We ask church communities and individual Christians across the UK not to lose hope but to pray with us in one spirit,” says Fred Drummond, director of prayer at the Evangelical Alliance. “Let’s call on the one who saves, to bring light in dark places, to be the hope to the nations, to bring healing to our lands. Please join us.”

Find out more at eauk.org/dayofprayer.

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