Lou Fellingham Releases Single ‘Fix My Eyes’ Giantkiller Remix Ft Renzo Ba

What do you get when you cross a radio DJ, an Afroswing artist from London and a stalwart of Christian worship music?

No, this isn’t a corny joke and the answer is no laughing matter but it will certainly bring you joy, uplift your heart and remind you of the goodness of God!

Lou Fellingham

As a songwriter and worship leader, Lou’s longing has always been for people to know God and his outrageous love and she has been tireless in her pursuit of this goal though the writing of songs and leading people in singing truth. This remix combines all these strengths, and meshes effortlessly with the sonic delights of Afroswing and R&B.

Ibe ‘Giantkiller’ has collaborated with Lou Fellingham to create a remix of Lou’s song ‘Fix My Eyes.

Renzo Ba

Featuring the fresh Afrowswing vibes of Renzo Ba, who has more recently been investing his huge talent into Christian music, this is a remix that you will struggle to get out of your head – but the good news is that it will do your heart good as well.

Ibe ‘Giantkiller’

Ibe brings top level remixing skills to the single.

He is a producer who has honed his talents through working with artists including Noel Robinson, Neville D, Lurine Cato, Grammy nominees Gospel Gangstas and Seth & Nirva. His approach to an artist like Lou Fellingham combines freshness and fun but without losing the richness of Lou’s God exalting lyrics and distinctive voice.

Fix My Eyes is available on all major downloadable platforms.

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