Make Jesus Known Releases New Video For Men’s Mental Health Month

Make Jesus Known has released a brand new video for Men’s Mental Health Month. The video was inspired from all the messages we regularly receive from people struggling with their mental health and who are having suicidal thoughts. 

The video begins with lots of Christian men repeating that they’ve struggled emphasising to people that they aren’t alone in the way they feel – other people do understand and some have been in the exact same position. 

This new iTruth video shares the stories of three Christian men, from three different walks of life. 

One is from John Bostock, Professional Footballer and founder of Ballers in God, as he shares about feeling pressure, stress and the weight of other people’s opinions and expectations. 

Warren Furman, ex-gladiator Ace and founder of Ace Active Ministry shares his story of how his Father committed suicide and how he spirallled into a world of fame, where he found himself lost and broken. 

Our last story is from Anthony Delaney, leader of the Ivy Church as he shares about how lockdown affected him and how throughout the pandemic God has met him in his struggles. 

Tim Cooke, CEO of MJK said,

“Men’s Mental Health is something as a team we felt doesn’t get spoken about enough and ever since the first lockdown we have seen more and more people coming forward sharing their struggles with mental health and some who are feeling suicidal. We wanted to be able to create something that empowered Men to open up and share their feelings and know that they’re not alone in the struggle. Our hope is that it will encourage Men to not only be more open but also understand what it is to lean on God through the tough times. There is hope and you can overcome the darkness”

MJK constantly strives to bring encouragement and the message of Jesus to others through their social platforms, iTruth app and YouTube channel, wherever a person is at on their own journey of faith.


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