Christmas Charity appeal focused on Women in Ethiopia


As a children’s charity, we’re all about helping children. But sometimes, to achieve that, you have to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

In Koshe, Ethiopia, children start school late and drop out quickly. Instead of learning skills in the classroom, they go straight to work in the fields, the home, or on the streets, earning what pennies they can to help support their families.

This Christmas, Christian charity Global Care aims to change the story for children and young people in Koshe, one of the poorest districts of one of the poorest regions of Ethiopia, by reducing school drop-out rates and helping children get back into school. All the evidence shows that education is the best way of helping families break out of poverty in the long term.

Working with their long-standing Ethiopian Christian partners, Addis Kidan Baptist Church Welfare and Development Association, Global Care is launching a new four-year programme working with mums, helping them to create better futures for their families. Global Care wants to challenge the family culture which fails to recognise the value of education, and give mums an alternative source of income so they don’t have to rely on child labour.

By establishing a series of women’s self-help groups, Global Care will bring together up to 225 mums from three villages in Koshe, in groups of 10-15. These groups will enable the women to gain knowledge, skills, confidence and ultimately start income-generating activities, with seed funding from Global Care. These groups will empower mums with both knowledge and resources to make better choices for their children.

This brand new project is the focus of Global Care’s Christmas Appeal – Empowerment for Education. Can you help us raise £45,000 to get this new initiative off to a great start?

All online donations during the week of 1 – 8 December, will be doubled in value at no extra cost, thanks to match funding available through the Big Give Christmas Challenge.

Global Care’s CEO John White said:

“Children and education have always been at the heart of Global Care’s DNA, and we know that the reasons why children fail to access education are often more complex than simply building new classrooms, or supplying textbooks. In Koshe we need to challenge the culture which fails to value education AND give parents a viable alternative source of income. All the evidence shows that resources earned by mothers will be spent on their children’s needs, whereas fathers are sometimes less reliable in their focus on the family. The evidence also shows that self-help groups can be a very successful catalyst for change. Empowering women in this way has the potential to bring significant change for hundreds of children, who otherwise will simply live out the same lives of grinding poverty, fear, uncertainty and hard labour as their parents. Can you help us offer the women and children of Koshe something better?”

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