The Origin – Documentary features prominent UK Christians

‘The Origin’ is New Faith Network’s first original UK production. It’s a documentary series which showcases the stories of some of the country’s most influential Christian personalities. In this first season Simon Holley, David Devenish, Steve Uppal and Rachel Gardner talk about their faith journey. The first episode of The Origin premieres on Friday 20 November. The following three episodes will premiere on November 27, December 4, and December 11 respectively.

Undoubtedly, the message of the Gospel is amazing, but the path of faith is not easy. Lots of Christians struggle with doubt and are looking for motivation to keep following His footsteps, besides the hardships of everyday life. The purpose of this documentary series is to bring the country’s important Christian leaders close to the viewers of New Faith Network, in order to motivate the latter and to inspire them to make a difference in their own communities.

Meet the participants of The Origin Season 1

The first season of The Origin contains four 20-minute episodes, in which the viewer gets to learn all the details about each interviewee’s faith journey. When did they decide to embrace faith? What have the biggest challenges been for them? How did their faith help them overcome hardships? What are their dreams for the communities that they lead and are role models for?

Simon Holley is the lead Pastor at King’s Arms Church in Bedford, and also a father of three. He grew up in a Christian family, but he soon walked away from Christian values and became an atheist. His conversion to Christianity took place when he was 19. After a few key encounters with God in open visions, he realised that his mission was to lead people into finding their faith. He has a great strategy for dealing with hardships – all one needs to ask themself is “Am I born on a cruise ship, or on a battleship?”. According to him, Christians are born on battleships and need to fight for what they believe. Available on New Faith Network on Friday November 20, 2020.

Steve Uppal is the senior leader in the All Nations Church, a diverse church with branches in the UK, in the US, in India, as well as in France. He’s well known for his authentic preachings and he has a worldwide audience. Steve grew up in a Sikh family, and he was brought to faith when he was five. He is married to Esther and they have four children. Together, they like praying, going to the gym, and travelling. Steve dreams of making as many disciples as possible, and of getting his church ready for God’s revival, which is, according to him, approaching. Available on New Faith Network on Friday November 27, 2020.

David Devenish is a well-known Christian leader who has planted lots of Churches all over the world. He and his wife grew up in a sect, which they both left when they were 21. After leaving, David searched for God in various places, until, eventually, he and a group of believers founded their own church. By his 30s, David was an established senior manager in the field of international banking. Understanding that his true mission was to spread God’s message around the world, he made the decision to become a full-time minister. From the 90s until today, Dave has planted numerous churches in the UK, in the Middle East and in Russia, witnessing multiple miracles and experiencing the presence of God throughout his journey. Available on New Faith Network on Friday December 4, 2020.

Rachel Gardner is a famous Christian youth worker and author. She recently moved to Preston with her family, in order to plant a church. She chose to become a Christian youth worker because, while she was at a boring lecture at university, God spoke to her and told her “Rachel, who’s going to tell them about me?”. Ever since, her main area of work has been talking to young people about sex and relationships from a Christian perspective. Her husband is a pastor and together they have two adorable adopted kids. Rachel’s dream is to see more diversity in the church, and particularly, more women in leadership positions. Available on New Faith Network on Friday December 11, 2020.


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