Mother’s Union holds 16 days of Activism to highlight abuse of 1 in 3 women

Mothers’ Union members all over the world will be standing up against rising levels of domestic violence and sexual abuse against women between 25 November and 10 December, with a focused Global Day of Action on 5 December.

One in three women worldwide will experience physical or sexual violence* and representatives from the charity’s 4 million-strong global membership in 83 countries will be calling on Governments to act.

Mothers’ Union Central Chaplin, The Bishop of Penrith, Emma Ineson, said:

“Mothers’ Union is coming together as part of these 16 days of Activism and our Global Day on 5 December to send out a strong message that the abuse of women and girls must end. Our groups all over the world will be holding services of remembrance for women who have died, and will be taking part in other protests to highlight this issue in the 83 countries where Mothers’ Union has a presence.

“We ask you to join us in our online services and our peaceful protests, to help us get our message across to as many people as possible.”

Mothers’ Union members have called for others to take action by sharing photos and recording short videos with a lipstick cross over their lips and displaying or voicing the #No more one in three message.

These will be shared on social media, and due to COVID restrictions, protests will be online from 9am, including No More One in Three Cup of Tea, which will take place at 11.30 on 5 December.

Bev Julien, Mothers’ Union CEO, said:

“As a leading women’s organisation, Mothers’ Union believes that the high proportion of women experiencing abuse is unacceptable, and we are encouraging our members to hold peaceful protests and awareness raising events on 5 December.”

The protest coincides with the progress of the Domestic Abuse Bill through the UK Parliament, and Mothers’ Union has been working with domestic violence charities and faith groups to lobby the Government.

The Global Day of Action is part of 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-based Violence, the UN Women’s Committee campaign to end violence against women, which runs from 25 November to 10 December this year.

For more information about the Global Day of Action and Mothers’ Union’s work with abused women and girls, go to:

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