Christian Aid launches The Prophetic Activist Scheme for young adults

Putting your faith into action is the driving force of the Prophetic Activist Scheme (PAS), a scheme for young adult Christians aged 18 to 30 years old to co-create a climate justice campaign with Christian Aid.

The scheme was birthed out of the recognition that young adults’ energy, zeal and freedom to stand up for a greater reality should be harnessed to mobilise the masses and seek new just possibilities.

Over the last year we have seen young adults reaching national headlines with Youth Strikes 4 Climate and the continuation of the Black Lives Matter movement, influencing social consciousness by highlighting systemic injustice. Protesting on the streets is getting the nation’s attention.

Our twenty-three Prophetic Activists exemplify this strength and power by using lobbying tactics to ask for an end to fossil fuel extraction by 2021 by the government’s UK Export Finance. Their petition to stop the UK funding dirty fossil fuels successfully reached over 1,000 signatures, which they look forward to their hand in for December.   

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The year has been a great triumph – including campaign training, mentoring and talks from guest speakers such as Mikaela Loach (climate justice and anti-racism activist), Amika George (founder of Free Periods) and Perk Pomeyie (Ghanian environmental and climate activist). The activists have learnt how to develop a campaign, cope with external changes – such as a global pandemic and changing governmental priorities – and how to remain resilient.

Prophetic activist Hannah Abban states

“Our motivation behind the campaign is the firm belief that our faith calls us to action. Truly loving one another as commanded by Christ means tackling the complicated effects of climate change and the inequalities it is creating head on.”

Tara Piggot continues with

“I’ve learned so much about campaigning and activism which has greatly increased my confidence in being able to lead campaigns. It has been really valuable to learn alongside people from a range of backgrounds and hearing from different activists was so inspiring!”

The scheme consisted of two weekends away, mentoring by experienced campaigners and building skills – as well as joining a like-minded community. Our activists are encouraged to live out the Biblical call to live justly and righteously.

Campaigning allows a reimagination and tangible depiction of what true justice looks like. The prophetic activists in their campaign clearly illustrate the responsibility Christians have to speak Jesus’ vision of ‘making all things new’ into reality so that unequal and unjust power mechanisms and systems fall.

Sadly, the first cohort’s campaign ends soon, but we look forward to 2021 where another group will lead and partner with Christian Aid in building back better post-pandemic! We want to partner with more young adults with a faith in Jesus, who are interested in carrying out the call to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly.

Applications open December 1st, check out our campaigns website ( and email in for more information at  

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