Friends Of Cedar Church release their new Christmas EP

Andrew Kisumba is Senior Pastor of Cedar Church, Birmingham. He is a man with a heart for his community and a love and talent of conveying and expressing God’s love through a merging of contemporary gospel and pop music which he does as the leader of the musical collective known as Friends of Cedar Church

Andrew explained how this new joyful and hope filled EP came about.

“Light shines brightest in utter darkness, and so in the midst of the current crisis, chaos and uncertainty lies the perfect opportunity for us to share the love and peace, hope and joy as found in the Nativity story – the greatest story – and for people to be reminded of, to think about and to hopefully experience thetrue meaning of Christmas.”

Using their musical talents and gifts Friends of Cedar Church are offering a creative way into helping those who have already embraced this Good News story to share and communicate it to family, friends and neighbours both near and far. The idea is to start where people are regarding their general understanding of Christmas and the festive season with a declaration of goodwill ‘2U+U’ (to you and you) and then tell the Greatest Story ever told in history and the true nature and characteristics of the love of God through these seven tracks with an uplifting theme.

Cedar Church have produced a limited run CD of the EP to be distributed with the church’s giveaway donations which have been collected for Christmas Day hampers to benefit struggling local families as food for their souls. The digital version of the EP is due for Worldwide release on Friday 27th November 2020. The EP features two new songs from this year – one from each UK Covid lockdown period – ‘Singstanding’ and a brand new Christmas song, which is the lead and theme setting track of the EP called ‘2U+U’ which debuted on the Henry Liston Show on BBC Radio WM on Thursday 12th November 2020 (the link to a YouTube video of that interview is below) and a lyric video (link also below) .

The remaining tracks either further express the heart and the true meaning of Christmas time and the love of God for everyone with the aim to lift us up and nurture the courage to hope again.

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