Christians and Money (Vols 1 & 2) are possible best sellers!

Jubilee Publications and Compass Publishing are proud to debut a comprehensive two-volume book series on accounting and stewardship. Stalwart Christian authors, with global teaching ministries in their respective fields, combine a forthright explanation of practical principles of money management and personal financial accounting with a radical exposé on the history and purpose of money, giving, tithing and the enigmatic Prosperity Gospel. The result is a masterful original piece of non-fiction that is as robust and truthful as it is insightful and beneficial for Christians and others. This is an inspirational must-read work from experienced and seasoned professionals.

Christians and Money (Volumes 1 & 2) is a joint venture of Christian leader, Dr Femi Olowo, and seasoned accountant, David Frederick.

 Synopsis: Christians and Money, Volume 1: Money and Practical Financial Management for Christians.

In this first volume, the authors enrich the mind of the inquisitive Christian, by tracing the origins of money and exploring its development through the annals of ancient civilisations and through the pages of the Bible. They then focus on the more practical aspects of money, starting by elucidating what it is, its various forms, and the concept of credit. Finally, with a smorgasbord of case studies, they unpack the maze of practical financial management, sound budgeting, debt management, understanding taxation and the need for inheritance intelligence. Dr Femi Olowo and David Frederick have compiled an excellent financial resource for the Christian who wants to know how to retain more of the money they make.

Synopsis: Christians and Money, Volume 2: A Balanced Exposé on Giving, Tithing and the Prosperity Gospel.

In this second volume, the authors start by emphasising the need for sound doctrine. Money is certainly an area where there needs to be clarity and a proper interpretation of the Scriptures. This is followed by outlining three different viewpoints in relation to tithing and what the Bible really teaches. The book challenges readers to decide with integrity where they really stand. Then, with real concern about the extreme teachings and practices of many preachers, the thorny subject of the Prosperity Gospel is unravelled, and Christians are encouraged to go back to narrow-road theology, as taught by Jesus. Finally, readers are encouraged to take a fresh look at what God really means by ‘success’ for His people.

What Others Are Saying

“An inspirational treatise on the controversial topic of how Christians should handle money in a time when there has been much ado about giving and tithing… a vigorous challenge of the Prosperity Gospel…a masterful exposition on how to handle one’s personal financial health, with detailed up-to-the-minute principles.” 

Dr Meyer van Rensburg, Christian theologian and author

“Such a thorough and insightful thesis…  demystifies the complexities, and defuncts the myths that have led us to make poor financial decisions on the misguided basis that these decisions were Kingdom-inspired. By the end of Volume One, I was inspired to review my own financial situation. Thank you, David and Dr Femi, for so creatively combining the theory with the praxis to deliver a really invaluable tool for personal financial management.”

Elaine Bowes, Head of Marketing & Communications, The Pentecostal Credit Union

“The authors have both explored succinctly the issues surrounding money and how everyone should be well-informed about managing this core aspect of their existence.”

Dr Samuel O Idowu, Deputy CEO, Global Corporate Governance Institute

About the Authors

Dr Femi Olowo published his first book, Understanding the Book of Revelation, in 1998, and has since written numerous books on Christian theology, doctrine and practice, such as healing, Christian suffering and the End Times. As CEO of Jubilee Publications, he also produces and publishes quality books for others, such as A Winning Character by Fredrick Juma, which is making great strides on Amazon and other platforms. He has visited over 25 countries for ministry and missions purposes. Dr Femi is married to Anna and has two daughters.

David Frederick FCCA is the founder of Marcus Bishop Associates Limited, and a specialist probate accountant and tax adviser. As a global business trainer, he has lectured in Europe, Africa and the Caribbean. He was a university principal accounting lecturer, and chief accounting examiner for a professional chartered organisation. He has authored several books and articles, and writes a monthly financial column for a London publication. He is on the board of a professional accountancy body and several charities. David is a married to Louisa and has three children. 

Book Details:

Christians and Money, Volume 1: Money and Practical Financial Management for ChristiansPublisher: Compass Publishing & Jubilee PublicationsISBN: 978-1-912009-71-8Volume: 244 pagesSpecial Offer: £10.99 plus £2.50 p&pChristians and Money, Volume 2: A Balanced Exposé on Giving, Tithing and the Prosperity GospelPublisher: Compass Publishing & Jubilee PublicationsISBN: 978-1-912009-69-5Volume: 257 pagesSpecial Offer: £10.99 plus £2.50 p&p

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