God is Sending a Message Through Music by Ben Harrell

If 2020 were a movie, you could call it ‘Chaos’. A pandemic runs rampant throughout the world, with a potential resurgence over the next couple of months. Crime in London has risen five times higher than the rest of the country, compared to last year. It seems that civil unrest is occurring as frequently as the rising of the sun. But God is still God, and He is sending a message through music. He is reminding us to walk by faith and not by sight.  

Keep The Faith takes a look at the music that is helping to keep us focused during these tumultuous times. 

A British-born woman of Nigerian descent made her presence known in the music industry in 2015. Her faith-filled music provided us with the discernment to stay the course, no matter how severe the storm. From eviction to invincible, Sarah Téibo continues to challenge us to remember who our Saviour is. Her single, ‘Spirit Come’, quietens our fears by calling out to the Father. This powerful message is a timely reminder why we can get through anything with God. Find out more at sarahteibo.co.uk.

A German-born United States Military veteran travelled the world to fight for his country. God showed Marcus Rogers his calling, and now he fights to share God’s love with mankind. Marcus’ single, ‘COVID-19’, refuses to let listeners live in fear. Marcus has a feeling that everything is going to be all right, and his message is clear: faith is greater than fear. Find out more at marcusrogersministries.org.

Marcus Rogers and LIVE
Marcus Rogers and LIVE

This young man is considered one of the leaders of the new school of gospel. Despite his accomplishments, he walks with a presence of humility. In fact, he recognises that the worldwide quarantines at the hand of COVID-19 should humble us all. Jonathan McReynolds understands that we do not have control, so we should give this situation over to the One who does. His single, ‘Best Thing’, assures us that we are not alone in this fight – or any fight. Find out more at jonathanmcreynolds.com.   

A similar message is repeated by UK native and Nigerian-born Samuel ‘CalledOut Music’ Nwachukwu. His song, ‘Other Side’, tells us that we will make it. CalledOut Music knows that we will have rainy days and trouble will come. He also knows that we must put our trust in God – the One who knows it all – and just keep believing. Find out more at calledout-music.com.

Samuel ‘CalledOut Music’ Nwachukwu and Jonathan McReynolds

It seems like the news only has negative things to report. Have you forgotten how to trust God? Antoine Bradford from Southern California has penned a song entitled, ‘Trust In You’, that will remind you how. Antoine sings that Jesus loves us and that He will never leave His sheep. Nights will get dark and your vision may get blurry, but trust that He will always be there. Find out more at instagram.com/antoinebmusic. 

When was the last time you gave Jesus praise? Despite the situations we find ourselves in, we are able to get through them, in Jesus’ Name. Chandler Moore took the time to tell Jesus how wonderful He is in the song, ‘Worthy’. Not only is he challenging you to praise, he is reminding you of God’s call for us to pray. What do you need to pray for today?

Chandler Moore

You can dance in the midst of your tribulation. Drug-dealer-turned-hope-dealer, ‘LIVE’, sends an anthem by way of the States. ‘One Way is a song that sends praises to God. LIVE reminds us to stand bold in His presence with no fear. Find out more at instagram.com/officiallivesp.

God will never break a promise. When things get difficult, turn to Him. There will be a new challenge. There will be a new obstacle. Pandemics will come. Storms will bring grey skies. Trials will test your resolve, but allow each one of these songs – and many others – to help you reach the finishing line.

God is sending us a message through music. He wants us to believe in Him. He wants us to fight. Fight through prayer. Walk by faith. Respond in love. Stand bold. Forgive. Persevere. Allow the way you praise and worship to bring glory to His Name, and bring light into the darkness. 

Ben is the founder of Ambitions of a Writer, and the creator of Billboard and Bookings 101. Find out more at BenjHarrell.com.

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