Taking charge of what goes onto your hair by Verona White

Over the past few years, we have seen an increase of dangerous, illegal ingredients going into our products, which are affecting our health and the environment. The label says one thing, and the products do another. We as a community of afro curly hair should take control of what is going onto our hair.

In the rural areas of the Caribbean and Africa, the women are not going to their high street cosmetic stores and buying the best products they can get their hands on. They are using the herbs and natural products available locally around them. If you notice, they do not have hair loss or problems with their hairline, because they are sticking to their natural plant-based products.

It seems quite daunting, with all the hundreds of products that are on the shelf, but I will give you a snippet of how simple it is to make your own product. My book, ‘20 DIY Recipes for Afro Curly Hair’ (available on Amazon), is packed full of recipes which are really good for your curls.

One method, which is very simple and will keep the moisture in your hair, is the Greenhouse Method, where you dampen your hair with water; add your favourite oil, eg. castor, olive, argan or jojoba oil, and then put on a shower cap, followed by a scarf or a warm hat. You can keep this on overnight or, if you have a few hours to spare, leave it on. When you take off the cap you will experience moisturised hair. 

For those of you who still have relaxed hair or a Brazilian blow-dry, please make sure you keep up with your protein treatments. Let aloe vera be your best friend, as it is good in all stages of your hair treatment.

Ladies with weaves, wigs, braids and cornrows, please look after your hair while you are wearing a protective style. You can introduce your hair to organic products, by blending aloe vera, a carrier oil (like jojoba, olive and argan), and a few drops of essential oils (such as tea tree, lavender or sweet orange). Blend them all together, and transfer them into a bottle with a spray head. This is a great leave-in moisture spray to use while your hair is in a protective style. You will also have peace of mind knowing there are no dangerous ingredients going onto your scalp.

Christmas – my favourite time of year – is just around the corner, so treat yourself to AHGC satin pillowcases, satin wig liners and envelope scarves. Satin should be curly afro hair’s religion, because it keeps in the moisture and is much kinder to your hair and skin. If you do not want to wear a scarf, then rest your stresses on the satin pillowcase, which is designed to bring with you wherever you are. The satin wig liners come in four colours, and will protect your hairline and keep the moisture in at the same time. Our envelope scarves are very easy to wear, and can be worn anytime to protect your hair without causing friction, like cotton or other fabrics that drag the hair.

Make the most of the CHRISTmas season, and keep blessing your hair with the tender loving care it needs, with the organic ingredients that God designed for us.

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