Picture This! by Benjamin Harrell

Social media has given us the opportunity to share our music in so many ways. We use stories, tweets, reels, posts and videos to share our talents with the world. While our artistry can bring in new listeners and followers, we need creativity to tell stories that can keep people captivated. If you could capture your music with a picture, what would your followers see?

If you are not familiar with a tool called Canva, ( https://www.canva.com/ )then you may want to consider utilizing it. Canva gives you the ability to design anything. And I mean anything. It just starts with a little imagination.

Your new single will be out soon and you are getting some graphics put together for the release. As a part of the promotion, you are trying to brainstorm a way to grab the attention of new listeners while staying true to your budget. Canva has some great templates that will allow you to merge video and picture. So picture an Instagram post divided into 4 parts or sections. You could essentially have images that advertise the release while adding a video snippet of the single in one of the boxes. Check this example here. ( https://www.instagram.com/p/CGj_gSMHAZm/ )

What if you are looking for a creative way to remind fans to buy your music? Canva has a feature called “Stickers’ that will allow you insert animation which is sure to turn heads. Here is a good example of animation ( https://www.instagram.com/p/CGPbBjCJSbi/ ) at work.

While your main focus is to create music, it never hurts to create some head-turning images ( https://www.instagram.com/p/BwjcegLFdoO/ ) that will help followers engage with you. If a picture can say a thousand words, give yourself the opportunity for your picture to say two thousand.

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