New initiative to get Handbooks to survivors of domestic abuse

A joint initiative is underway to get Handbooks for survivors of domestic abuse into refuges across the UK. The Christian charity Restored is working in collaboration with Mothers’ Union to distribute its Survivors’ Handbooks to women in refuges.

Restored’s Survivors’ Handbook provides crucial information to help survivors manage the practical realities of leaving an abuser. The inspiration to publish this Handbook came from Restored’s online Survivors’ Network; it became clear that women who have experienced domestic abuse face very similar challenges, but few resources addressing these challenges are available. The Handbook is divided into three themes: managing the practical realities after leaving an abuser, healing and recovery and an exploration of some theological issues relating to domestic abuse.

Director of Restored, Bekah Legg, says:

Christians who have been subjected to abuse within marriage often face additional complications because of unhelpful teaching in parts of the church. There are some amazing churches providing holistic support to survivors, but that’s not always the case. The Bible has too often been misused and abused to keep women with abusers. Women are left believing that they have to choose between their freedom and their faith. We want them to know they can have both.

We believe our book is a vital resource for Christian women as they navigate their way to freedom. Faith is a deeply important part of any person’s identity and staff in refuges and women’s centres are not often equipped to support women through that part of their life. Our book is a critical tool for refuges as they provide holistic support to the women in their care.’

Restored report that the number of people in their online Survivor’s  Network has grown by over 60 percent since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. As lockdown ends, the charity is expecting a further surge in people reaching out, as victims are more easily able to leave their abusers to seek help.

Mothers’ Union CEO Bev Julien said:

‘Mothers’ Union is delighted to be partnering with Restored in this very important programme. Across Britain and Ireland, our members work to support refuges and the families within them, by providing much needed supplies of toiletries, clothing and food. It is just not right that 1: 3 women will suffer some form of physical or sexual abuse in their lifetime, and this manual offers a precious resource to them, to help to rebuild their lives.’

Restored is providing their Handbook for survivors free of charge to women in refuge services, through distribution with Women’s Aid Federation of England’s member services.

£5 enables Restored to give a book to the next woman who needs one. You can give them a gift of hope today.

Founded in 2010, Restored is an innovative Christian charity working to end violence against women. We are a small organisation making a big impact. Our mission is to speak up about the realities of violence against women and girls, to support survivors of domestic abuse and to inspire and resource Church leaders to create a safe space for survivors and journey with them to restoration. 

Read the letter from a survivor that inspired us to get our Handbooks into every refuge in the country here.

Copies of the Handbook can be ordered from Restored’s website.

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