The Spirituals Choir: comfort and joy Christmas performance

“This is a reimagination of the Christmas season. These songs have been with us for our whole lives and this project allows the songs to take on a completely new meaning in a world that is hungry and desperate for hope and comfort and joy”

– Junior Garr

The choir behind ‘The Black History Project’ are back with a special festive performance that was filmed in St. Pauls Cathedral. Junior Garr has once again, brought together ‘The Spirituals’ choir for a special Christmas performance titled “4 Carols 4 Christmas”. These four reimagined Christmas carols are premiering on Midtown London Church’s Youtube Channel at 7pm on the Tuesdays of Advent. Solidifying their niche, this series of reimagined traditional carols are bound to uplift the nation with a message of comfort and joy.

The Black History Project was the start of something special for Junior Garr & The Spirituals. Throughreimagining spiritual anthems including “Wade in the water”, this new gospel choir commemorated and celebrated Black History in a televised performance which has already reached more than 23k views on Youtube alone. Based in London, this choir and their style of music is so unique that they have quickly gained attention, from the music industry to the Church of England.

“4 Carols 4 Christmas” is hosted by Jamie Haith – Vicar of Midtown London Church with the support of the Bishop of London – Sarah Mullally and the Archdeacon of Hampstead – John Hawkins. This socially-distanced production has been filmed in the iconic St. Pauls Cathedral within the government guidelines for COVID-19.

Each reimagined Christmas carol is bound to shake the nation with it’s exciting and rhythmic re-arrangements that go beyond the season. Following on from the Kingdom Choir’s impact at the Royal Wedding, this is a rare opportunity for gospel music to make its mark in the UK music industry once again, in a venue that has hosted royalty, musicians and influential figures for the past 345 years.

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