Love France – Love Mission – Love Church?

What does France mean to you? A great holiday destination with stunning scenery and warm weather? Chic café culture in
historic cities? Delicious food and drink? France is all these things and more… But do you ever think of it as a mission field?

Perhaps you think of France as “a Catholic country”… But it’s been a secular republic for well over a century. Islam has eight times more followers than evangelical Christianity in France. And, according to a recent survey, 58% of French people define themselves as having “no religion”! We thank God that the number of evangelicals in France has increased 13-fold since the 1950s, with many new believers coming from BAME communities. Imagine if we’d seen that kind of growth in UK churches! But evangelicals in France still represent less than 1% of the population. So French evangelicals have an ambitious church-planting dream: they want to see a church for every 10,000 people in France – which means planting a further 4,000!

Our French brothers and sisters are working hard: a new evangelical church is planted somewhere in France every 10 days. That’s wonderful – but, at
this rate, it will take well over a century to plant 4,000!

As Jesus said:

“The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.”

That’s where France Mission can help. We’ve been supporting evangelical Christians in France for nearly 50 years and have seen the Lord do some amazing things over this period. Our vision is to see increasing numbers of people in France encountering God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – and to make it easier for them to find a local evangelical church.

With so few churches, believers often travel long distances to worship. France Mission provides regular updates to help you pray for this vital mission field. We enable you to sow into the work financially to be part of building God’s Kingdom
in this strategically significant country. And we offer youopportunities to go and provide hands-on help. If you have a heart for France, then we’d love to partner with you in France Mission. Please connect with us online at

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