This Vaccine is Enough, Free, and Effective

As the race for Covid-19 vaccine reaches its final laps, concerns about Covid-19 are now changing. At one end, sceptical concerns and on the other end are overly optimistic concerns.

Sceptics about the Covid-19 vaccines could suspect the whole virus issue as a profit-making scheme for some scientists. It seems a few smart folks intentionally caused a global problem and then at their convenience, provide solutions to earn enough dough. One could be convinced not only because Covid-19  is a lab-developed virus but also the potentially huge revenue that new scientific company like Moderna would make from its vaccine.  Another concern is the quick speed at which the vaccines were discovered – in contrast to the time of smallpox, bubonic plaque and Spanish flu etc.

Optimists may consider sceptics’ concern as part of the propaganda theories: It is uncertain that governments would allow some malicious scientists to make profits to the detriment of their economies. Also, the perturbing loss of lives and the advancement of technology explain the quick discovery of the vaccines.

Meanwhile, the concerns for optimists include the non-potency of the vaccines for vulnerable folks who are already positive with the virus. While many people could have a sigh of relief – many remain helpless. The vaccines only prevent infection they neither cure nor prevent transmission.

Also, Covid-19 is considered a global problem demanding a global solution, but now 80% of the solution (so to say) is bought up by rich countries that are only 14% of the world population. So, for developing countries, access to the vaccines is yet uncertain if they cannot afford the vaccines. AstraZeneca and Oxford seem to solve the affordability problem with their purported ‘vaccine for the world’. But the challenge remains that the vaccines are also not enough for global purchase.

This is not to blame scientists or rich countries or disdain efforts for survival. The point is that human solutions often go along with human limitations. This is why we should be grateful that the worst virus has not been left for humans to handle. Any possible solution would have had the above shortcomings (Psalm 51:5).

While the purported Wuhan virus is a current concern, there is the first virus that has and still afflicts humanity. This virus developed from the garden of Eden and has transmitted from generations to generations. While covid-19 affects only the body, the Eden virus affects the totality of human life – body, spirit and soul. While covid-19 transmits through contact with infected persons or items, one gets infected with the virus from Eden just by being human.

Sin is a complexly advanced virus beyond a possible human vaccine. With modernisation, sin spreads faster than any pandemic – the world is deeply infected (Rom. 3:23). Only for the merciful intervention of the Creator Himself, humanity would be doomed. He lovingly supplied the vaccine for humanity, His only begotten Son that whosoever [age, colour, gender, language, race, social or financial status etc.] receives Him shall not perish (John 3:16). While Covid-19 vaccines display human wisdom (and limitations) salvation displays divine wisdom (with God’s affection) [1 Cor. 1:25].

Unlike the desperately and disparately developed Covid-19 vaccines, salvation is the carefully and divinely designed vaccine at Calvary. Therefore, it is extravagantly enough, fully free and evidently efficacious.

Despite the doses of vaccine secured by the rich countries, yet they are not enough for their citizenry. Although covid-19 is a global problem, it is challenging to produce enough doses for human beings globally. This is unlike salvation which remains consistently enough for decades since the once-and-for-all sacrifice of Christ (Heb. 9:26b). Also, unlike vaccines that cannot withstand a certain temperature, salvation is available for anyone anywhere anytime – except in the grave.

Imagine that salvation is for sale? Many would perish and few rich folks and their unborn lineage would flourish. But salvation, though everlastingly precious, remains a gift (Eph. 2:8). God still advertises that everyone should come and ‘buy’ but without money (Isaiah 55:1).

Scientists say Covid-19 vaccines have ‘normal’ side-effects of vaccines. It is ridiculous that side-effects can be ‘normal’. First, salvation is a long-existing vaccine without side-effects, it entails life more abundantly (John 10:10). Secondly, salvation is strong enough to cleanse to the core; no stage of infection is too extreme or impossible (Isa. 1:18). By the shedding of Christ’s blood people are changed from broken to blessed, from prisoners to parishioners, from rogues to righteous, from sinners to saints, from whores to worshippers (1 John. 1:8).

As you celebrate Christmas, note that it is about Christ the sure vaccine for humanity. While the discovered vaccines are applaudable, with these vaccines your mortality is not erased but with the free vaccine from God, your eternity is assured. Get vaccinated by accepting Christ!

Written by: Femi Omotoyinbo

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