Dyslexic author’s course to encourage new authors

A man who grappled with dyslexia as a child before writing 12 books wants to help others become authors.

Business relationships guru Matt Bird says that he struggled at school because of his learning disorder and ended up in remedial classes for English.
But years later, Matt was challenged to write a book during a conversation with one of his clients, who is an author of business books. Since then, Matt has gone on to write 12 books and is also a regular columnist for The Times newspaper.Matt, who is the founder of Relationology International, explained:

“If I can write a book, then anyone can. I believe everyone has a book within them and can become an author. I’ve helped a number of people become book authors by sharing my method for conceiving, writing, publishing and launching a book to have an impact in the world.”

One of those who Matt has helped write a book is international speaker Luke Brendling, who wanted to share his pain and hope after his first child was stillborn. Luke said:

“I was chatting to Matt one evening over a meal when I told him I’d been dealing with the loss of my first daughter, who was stillborn, by writing my feelings down. Matt encouraged me that what I was writing could help others who were in the same situation. He said that I should write a book about it using what I’d written.

“I wasn’t sure I could write a book or where to start, but Matt’s method made it so much easier than I expected it to be.”

Luke’s first book ‘The Wrestle Is Worth It’ was published last month. Matt said that helping people write their books was exciting as he watched them
develop into authors. After helping a number of people he wants to help others by launching a new course in January,. He added:

“A number of people have asked me about writing books, so I have devised a book writing course that shares the unique methodology that I use for
writing books.

“Many of those I have worked with have said that without the method I use they would have either struggled or given up on becoming an author.”

Writing My Book is a 100-day course where Matt will coach a small group of budding authors. Starting in January 2021, Matt says that a group environment helps encourage people to make their first step into book writing. He said:

“The course is part of Relationology International’s Academy, where learning and achieving goals in groups has proved very effective. The numbers in
the group are limited so that it doesn’t overawe people, but the encouragement from an intimate group creates support to help everyone achieve.”

To take part or for more information, register online for ‘Writing My Book’: or contact Matt Bird to start your journey as an author:

mattbird@relationologyinternational.com. For more information about Relationology visit www.relationologyinternational.com

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