Leading The Way Launches on GOD TV

Leading The Way with Dr Michael Youssef will take a major step towards achieving its Vision 2025 goal to double its global media footprint when the ministry premieres on GOD TV on January 16, 2021. 

As part of Leading The Way’s strategy to win one million souls for Christ by the year 2025, Dr Michael Youssef’s Bible teaching programmes will be aired three times a week on GOD TV across five continents: Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and Australia. 

These broadcasts, which will air Saturdays at 4pm, Sundays at 3pm and Thursdays at 2am, will reach into nearly every country in the world, with a potential audience of about 300 million connected homes—as many as one billion viewers. 

“For over 30 years, Dr Michael Youssef has proclaimed the uncompromising truth of Scripture with the love and grace that comes from a true pastor’s heart. We are grateful for his ministry and the excellence that he and his team bring to all their work in media,”

says GOD TV President Ward Simpson. 

He added:

“We look forward to partnering with Dr Youssef and his Leading The Way team to take the gospel through media to the nations of the world.” 

Fergus Scarfe, UK Regional Director for GOD TV, also welcomed this significant partnership: 

“We are thrilled that Dr Michael Youssef is launching Leading The Way onto GOD TV this month. We know his passion for evangelism and love of the Word will be a real blessing to the GOD TV family around the world.” 

Leading The Way UK’s Director Dr Alan Kerbey highlighted why this is such a timely platform to reach millions of people in such challenging times:  

“The power of the media to proclaim the life-changing message of the Gospel across the globe has never been more relevant than it has been over this past year. Nations have been forced into lock-down and millions of families around the world have been confined to their homes.  

“We are thrilled to announce that Leading The Way‘smedia reach will undergo a further ‘step-change’ in 2021 as we embark on a unique partnership with GOD TV. This collaboration between Leading The Way and GOD TV is a real meeting of hearts and minds as we continue to strive to win souls for Christ, uphold the uncompromising truth of God’s Word and pray for a fresh spiritual awakening across the globe.” 

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