Christian web series ‘Getting To Know God’ launches on YouTube

Getting to know God with Gaby is an online Christian web series, it’s a fun, interesting, bible-based series for children which makes learning the stories in the Bible enjoyable! Gaby has decided she wants to get to know God better and has started a journey of discovery seeing what she can learn about God from the bible. Gaby is inviting other children to take this journey with her by presenting these entertaining videos which look at stories from the Old & New Testament including Psalms & Proverbs!

Since COVID-19 churches have shut their doors and gone online, children have been affected by this in a number of ways and since our children are having to spend a lot of time indoors and online, FCP decided to create some Christian content with them in mind! Gaby presents a bible story in a basic, easy-to-understand way, using young actors to illustrate the story in a funny, animated style, perfect to keep young ones engaged and informed about the things of God from the comfort of their own home.

Final Call Productions (FCP) is a Christian BME-led Production Company that is run by husband & wife team Jermaine and Danielle Wong. Through drama, theatre, film and poetry, FCP seeks to inspire, inform, engage and encourage its audiences. Naturally, all of the Wong children have shown keen interest in acting;

“Gabrielle has been on at me for a few years now about wanting to become an actor, she attends drama classes after school but she has been eagerly waiting to do some film or stage work with FCP. The children love to get involved with our ministry, it is important for them to see how they can use their gifts and talents for the purposes of God and also to see creative ways of sharing the gospel. With Getting to know God with Gaby, they have fun, learn about Jesus and do something meaningful for other children to learn and enjoy. Gaby is super excited about being the star of the show for a change!”

Danielle Wong Operations for Final Call Productions.

Catch a new episode of Getting to know God with Gaby once a fortnight, Saturday mornings beginning January 2021 on the Final Call Productions YouTube channelFinal Call – YouTube.

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