Lurine Cato MBE joins teens to release single about money management

A group of teenagers, keen to educate and inspire their peers, are getting ready to release Invest in Me  a song encouraging young people to spend their money wisely.

Amaris Williamson, Moses Williamson, Nicole Tate and Chavez Idjerhe are all members of the Pentecostal Credit Union Youth Shadow Board.  All are undergoing leadership development, and are learning financial capability and governance skills to equip them as future leaders in our communities, in our organisations and in our churches. 

In order to effectively communicate their message about financial management, the Youth Shadow Board enlisted the musical expertise of MOBO award winning gospel artist Lurine Cato MBE. She worked alongside them to write and record the song.

Moses Williamson – Chair of the PCU Youth Shadow Board said,

“The Youth Shadow Board really enjoyed working with Lurine on ‘Invest In Me’, writing the lyrics and recording the song.  It’s not every day you get to work with a music artist who’s won a MOBO, and record a song with a positive message to encourage teens to spend their money better.”

Invest in Me is a memorable mixture of soul and rap with gospel vocals. 

Lurine Cato said,

“I love working with young people especially on projects that involve them tapping into their creativity and enjoy watching them dig deep into expressing themselves in a creative way.

It was fun working with the PCU Youth Shadow Board in writing the lyrics, adding the music and creating the video for Invest in Me.  It was a lot of fun and they really enjoyed it.” 

The Youth Shadow Board have already started sharing the song on social media.  Shane Bowes, PCU CEO said

“We are getting a good response to it.  My hope is that thousands will listen to it during this lockdown, and that it will get them thinking about how to make money work for them effectively instead of spending it on things that they don’t need.”

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