Prophetic Justice: On Race, Religion, and Politics

“Because the Beloved Community beckons us, and the soul of America is at stake, Prophetic Justice is a must read.  It is a clarion call to those who are profoundly committed to liberating America from the historical and ongoing oppression around race, religion, and politics, that seeks to continually divide us.” 

Dr Bernice King, CEO, The King Center, Atlanta, GA

In this prophetic collection of seminal essays and reflections, the public intellectual, theologian and social justice scholar Reverend Professor Keith Magee provides a thoughtful, sharp, and critical analysis of how questions of race, religion, and politics impact on society today. It explores the historical context of American democracy and how it has long failed to deliver true justice to all the nation’s citizens. It exposes the social construct of race and the myriad ways in which this false idea – along with sometimes wilful misinterpretations of sacred texts – have been used to justify the subjugating of one people by another, simply because of the colour of their skin.  

Written over the course of the last four years, these essays and articles touch on some painful subjects, but also give us reason to hope. Keith Magee describes how, with courage and faith, we can create brave spaces of engagement in which people can come together to face up to the injustices of the past and to learn how to love ‘the other’ as they love themselves, thus creating a new world in which every life truly matters.

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