US return to Paris Agreement shows strength of global climate accord

Responding to the planned exective order by Joe Biden which will see the United States rejoining the Paris Agreement, Christian Aid’s climate policy lead, Dr Kat Kramer, said:

“The return of the US shows the strength of the Paris Agreement. Donald Trump has been the ultimate stress-test for the accord and despite his attempts to undermine it, no other country followed him out of the door and now the world’s biggest historical emitter is back in the fold.

“Despite the Trump presidency, we’ve actually seen an awakening on climate change during the last four years. The rise of Greta Thunberg and the school strikes, Extinction Rebellion, a slew of net-zero targets, and ever-greater clarity on the science, momentum has been building.

“Now with the Biden Presidency making climate change a priority we have the opportunity to usher in a new era to put the world on a safe path.  With Glasgow hosting a major UN climate summit later this year and Boris Johnson presiding over the G7, the UK will have a key role to play in accelerating this new age of climate action.”

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