The Leprosy Mission – Unconditional Appeal

For too long, leprosy has torn lives apart in rural Mozambique. Without the right care, it can cause permanent disability. But healthcare and specialist leprosy treatment are limited. Fear of the disease leads to prejudice and isolation. Too often, people with leprosy are thrown out of their communities and separated from those they love. Leprosy takes everything from them. Their health, their opportunities, their family.

This could have been the reality for Deolina. When she found discoloured patches on her skin she was worried. Thankfully she remembered a neighbour talking about the symptoms of leprosy and went to see her. Deolina’s neighbour reassured her and took her to hospital where she received the cure for the disease, stopping leprosy in its tracks.

Knowing what a blessing it is to have been cured, Deolina is now a community volunteer – a Leprosy Changemaker – who helps others get vital treatment. She knows what they’re going through and can support them. And she’s determined to do all she can to end leprosy in Mozambique.

Today you have a fantastic opportunity to become a Leprosy Changemaker too. When you give a gift before 24 April, your donation will be doubled by the UK government, helping twice as many people affected by leprosy in Mozambique. 

Show your unconditional love and help more people like Deolina.

God’s love is steadfast, just like Deolina’s commitment to help others. Join with her today by showing your unconditional love for people affected by leprosy. Together, we can make this ancient disease a thing of the past in Mozambique. 

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