Is your imagination getting enough exercise?

It’s that time of year when – even in lockdown – people resolve to eat more healthily and try to get more exercise.
But are our imaginations getting enough exercise?
Our God is an imaginative Creator. He gave us all imaginations so that we can look at the world and see possibilities for change – and then work together, guided by the Holy Spirit, to make those dreams become reality.
All of our imaginations can use a boost from time to time. That’s why Church Mission Society, with 220 years of experience in imaginative mission, created the Imagine box. Imagination is a huge part of mission.
And looking at how people in mission are putting their imagination into action for the sake of God’s kingdom is a great way to fuel your own imagination.
When you sign up for the Imagine box – for a suggested donation of just £5 a month – you’ll receive four packs (one every three months). Every pack includes:

  • A story of someone putting their imagination into action
  • Tips for re-charging your God-given imagination
  • Ways to pray for God’s mission
  • Access to bonus online materials
  • And more!

Best of all, as you feel your imagination being stretched, your monthly gift will be helping others who are using their imaginations to share Jesus’ love in creative ways.
It’s a new year. Let yourself run away with your imagination (no actual running required!).

  Click here to sign up for your Imagine box today


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