Jesus in his own words – new book from minister Marcus Nodder

Bold claims. Answers which many are searching for today.

This is Jesus in his own words, using metaphors and pictures which are concrete, simple and profound.

Meaning: what is the meaning of life? I am the bread of life.
Enlightenment: where can I find light? I am the light of the world.
Freedom: how can I be truly free? I am the door,
Evil: isn’t religion evil? I am the good shepherd.
Destiny: is this life all there is? I am the resurrection.
Reality: what is ultimate reality? I am the way.
Value: how can I make my life count? I am the vine.
Time: how can we escape being finite? ‘I am.’

Bold claims – and they are also true.

The ‘I am’ sayings of Jesus are highly relevant. Jesus is uniquely qualified to meet our deepest needs and answer our biggest questions. Find out for yourself.

Marcus Nodder is Senior Minister at Peter’s Barge, London’s only floating church, which reaches out midweek to the 140,000 people who work in Canary Wharf. The church meets elsewhere on Sundays when its resident cosmopolitan Docklands population gathers for worship.

Marcus studied at Cambridge University and at Oak Hill College, did a spell in banking, and has spent most of his working life in full-time Christian ministry. A popular author, he lives in east London with Lina, his Swedish-born wife, and four children.

Further Praise —

Many people have all kinds of questions about the meaning and purpose of life, the daily struggle with suffering in their own existence, and when they look at the news, the continuing existence in our world of evil and injustice. My friend Marcus Nodder tries in this honest, concise and readable book to answer those questions by looking at the claims of Jesus Christ, about who he is and what he did 2000 years ago. Even if you are sceptical as to the relevance of Jesus to your life today, I invite you to have a go at reading the book and see what you think. Decide for yourself.

– Jeremy Marshall, businessman and evangelist

Every human has questions at some point about the meaning and purpose of their life. This short book answers those questions. Marcus Nodder is a very engaging story teller. He uses a wide variety of illustrations and testimonies that connect well to where his readers are at. I strongly recommend you read this book if you are not a Christian, and by doing so, you will read some of the claims and promises that Jesus made about himself. Only Jesus can give you satisfying answers to the meaning and purpose of life.

– Jane Tooher

This little book could literally change your life. The Bible is not just one of the greatest books ever written, head and shoulders above every other piece of literature, with John’s Gospel right at its heart, but the ‘I AM’ statements are right at the heart of John’s Gospel. So…how good and important is this book?

– Andy Hawthorne

By taking us to the words of Jesus, this outstanding and short book spells out the content and benefits of the Christian good news. It does so with compelling clarity. I will be buying several copies to give to friends – and encouraging those in our church to do the same.

– William Taylor

What is Jesus all about, and what does faith in him offer? For those seriously engaging with the Christian faith, and keen to understand more about the message of the Bible, here is a book filled with vital notes of urgency and engaging real-life illustrations. This would be the perfect book to give to someone who has completed an evangelistic course and wants to know more, and it is particularly well suited to students.

– Andrew Hill

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