Christian Solidarity International & Eric Metaxas have freed 1600 slaves

The human rights organization Christian Solidarity International (CSI) and television and radio host Eric Metaxas partnered together with a goal of freeing at least 350 Sudan slaves before Christmas. The campaign surpassed their expectations, as they raised enough money to free 1600 Christian and non-Muslim people from slavery in Sudan. 

“CSI is doing amazing work in countries all over the world, but they have especially been effective in freeing Christians who are enslaved in Sudan,”

says Metaxas.

“They are true freedom fighters combating modern-day slavery.”

The practice of slavery was revived in 1983 when the Arab Muslim government of Sudan armed militia groups, encouraged them to raid Southern villages, steal their property, and take their women and children as slaves. With CSI’s assistance, an indigenous Underground Railroad of Africans and Arabs working together has grown into a sophisticated network that has freed over 100,000 people, mostly Christians.

For a cost of about $250, CSI frees a slave in exchange for a much-needed cattle vaccine. Each liberated person is then given a survival kit of essential items, a dairy goat, and food as well as health care, plus safe passage back to their families and communities.

CSI Project Manager Franco Majok says while they have made great strides, there are still over 35,000 people who remain enslaved and many daily sustenance needs are ongoing.

“In 2020, CSI helped feed over 6000 families, saving many people from starvation,”

says Majok.

“Freeing slaves is our first step, but we also make sure they have what they need to live and thrive after their captivity is over. It is my hope and prayer to live to see every South Sudanese slave freed. This is more than just work to me — it is a calling.”

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  • 10th February 2021 at 9:50 am

    Praises to our Lord God who has placed this tasks and your heart to pursue and thank you, to you for following through with the call that God has placed on your heart. Solidarity.
    Thank you.


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