New book helps young people learn God’s voice through the power of story.

Parents, youth leaders and youth workers looking to find a fun way to teach young people about the voice of God, now have a new resource to help them with the new book, All That Glitters Isn’t God.

Written by Camelle Daley, Jeanette McCarthy and Kimberley Lawson under the pen name Iywana Wright, All That Glitters Isn’t God is an adventure story aimed at 8 to 14-year-olds on how to hear the voice of God.  This book is about a young girl, Samantha who finds out the different ways God speaks and discovers her identity in God while visiting her godmother and mischievous god siblings Harry and Patricia during the summer holidays. Samantha learns; choices aren’t easy even when you are eleven, realises coincidences might be the God of the Universe trying to get her attention, follows the clues and joins the puzzle pieces leading to: Glitter? Gold? or God?

The book was inspired by the writer’s relationship with God and by the Women in Ministry who have shared their stories, testimonies, and journey in Ministry. 

“This is the best book I’ve read all year!” Elisha (9)

The writers also join parents and educators in addressing the lack of diversity in children’s literature. This book is for every child but as three women of colour in the publishing industry and book world, we know there is something powerful about seeing yourself represented. It stirs something within you that says I am seen, I am known, I have value.

Our book will help parents talk with young people about how God speaks and that God wants to be their friend. 

This book is an easy read with an engaging storyline that will hook readers from start to finish.

About the Authors

Camelle is an entrepreneur business coach and CEO of the global designer clergy wear brand House of ilona.

Jeanette is a freelance writer, podcaster and poet. She also runs a successful Virtual Assistant agency ‘The Helpful VA’

Kimberley Alongside her writing endeavours, Kimberley works as a freelance photographer and a Teacher.

To find out more about the book. All that Glitters Isn’t God and connect with Iywana Wright go to

The book is out now.

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