‘PRAISE THE LORD’ new release by Sam Opeche

Artist: Sam Opeche
Song title: ‘PRAISE THE LORD’ 
Release date: 12|02|2021

Sam Opeche has just released his melodic song, ‘Praise The Lord’ on February 12th 2021. Sam feels a very strong connection to this song. This comes not just because of the circumstances that led him to penning the song, but particularly because of the unending sense of praise it first awoke in him as the song rushed into his heart. Sam says he continues to feel this same sense of adulation to God everytime he sings the song.

It all began as Sam ‘triumphantly’ emerged from the tiresome 4-month restraint of lockdown. When he innocently ventured into London for the first time since the lockdown, little did he know what was to come out of this short but glorious journey. Remarkably, the way his spirit opened up to the truly moving lyrics of this beautiful song was incredible.

Sitting in his car, somewhere around Hackney, he was completely fascinated by the emptiness on the streets of London, which would otherwise have been bubbly and busy if it wasn’t for the lockdown. Then the thought started to reverberate in his mind ‘I bet there’s plenty of life hiding behind this emptiness, surely, these streets won’t be empty for ever’ – he thought to himself. Still sitting in his car and staring into the empty streets when people suddenly started to appear from the various corners of the road. As if God heard his inner thoughts and wanted him to see hope amidst the emptiness. Then this compelling melody ‘Praise The Lord, Oh my soul’ opened up to him.

Totally unplanned, but Sam knew that there was a strong message of hope in these lyrics and he immediately pencilled it down. Later that evening, when he was just messing about with the song on the piano in the living room, his son walked into the room and asked, “Dad, whose song is that?” Mine said Sam. “No way dad, that can’t be yours – it sounds like a Matt Redman song or something that’s already been recorded – are you sure you wrote that”. This he felt was a confirmation through his teenage son that this was truly a special song. 

Before deciding to take the song to the studio, Sam and his family often used it during worship time, and instantly fell in love with its absorbing melody. As the song grew in popularity within Sam’s household, he then decided it was time to share it with the world, and headed to the studio.

Working with the widely respected producer Gozi Okogwu (a.k.a. Goz) and his crew, they created a song that many observers have tagged ‘exceptional’. When asked what he thought about the song, Goz simply said ‘magical’. That, coming from a legendary producer and a well-sought-after musical architect in the UK Gospel industry is an indication that something spectacular is indeed about to launch.

Sam’s last single, ‘Yes Lord Yes,’ was ranked 5 stars by fans on Facebook Music and ranked number 58 on the YouTube Top 100 Nigerian songs Chart.

A multiple award winner, Sam has successfully toured the UK and Europe. During his tours, he had the privilege of performing alongside gospel heavy weights such as Nataniel Bassey, Sonnie Badu, Muyiwa Olanrewaju, Gabriel Eziashi, Faith Child and a host of others at a number of mega churches in the UK; several sold out concerts in Germany and at the Connection Convention in Wroclaw, Poland. Sam has also performed at the renowned London Festival of Life events at The Excel.

Sam’s vocal texture is an undeniable signature that makes him stand out. He has been compared to Seal by many of his fans, and some even say he sounds like gospel greats, Ron Kenoly and Donnie McKlurkin. Yet, Sam’s tuneful sound is strikingly unique.

Sam is so grateful to his many fans and the way they have endeared him to their hearts. His primary goal is to serve the body of Christ and all people with his musicality to the praise ad glory of God.

Falling in love with Jesus after an extraordinary encounter on his way to sing at a night club, Sam wants everyone to know of the sweet and tender mercy of our God towards all people. That’s why he retorts to God in the song ‘Your loving kindness, your tender mercies will never leave, so let everything within me praise His name.’

Sam firmly believes that God has given him this song to remind the body of Christ of God’s undying love. Indeed, the loving kindness of God never leaves us no matter the circumstances of our lives. He has promised and He will never fail, and all we need do is resound with satisfied joy: Praise The Lord.

Song YouTube link: https://youtu.be/0yVl83_3btQ
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/samopeche/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SamOpechebiz/
YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/SamOpechemusic4all
Band Camp: https://samopeche.bandcamp.com

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