Reflections for Lent – The Whole Podcast by Antonia Burrell

Lent in 2021 is going to feel very different. A new podcast developed by two Christian entrepreneurs helps us through this time of internal reflection and sober-mindedness.

The Whole Podcast is a seven-week series that aims to help us find a space for ourselves in a world currently characterised by lockdown and COVID-19. 

The pandemic has locked some of us in our homes and our minds. 

Antonia Burrell, founder of natural, plant-based skincare brand – Antonia Burrell Holistic Skincare, takes us a journey designed to refresh our thoughts – one focus at a time – and in the process help us to become whole.

In the first episode, Antonia helps us focus on the importance of holistic living and shares why it’s essential to take charge of our thoughts and make decisions that encourage and promote healthy living.

Unlike other podcasts or meditation apps, The Whole Podcast is designed for repeated listening. To the get full benefit from each weekly episode, we are encouraged to listen to each reflection daily until the next one is available. The effect is similar to doing an exercise or repeating an affirmation – the more you become familiar with it, the deeper it takes root.

New episodes of The Whole Podcast will be available every Wednesday in Lent and is available from (where they can be downloaded and shared via WhatsApp) and on all major podcast platforms.

The Whole Podcast is based on biblical principles, however, it is not a bible study or a devotional series. 

The Whole Podcast seeks to inspire, encourage reflection and share insights that will help people on their journey to become whole.

The vision for The Whole Podcast was inspired and written by Antonia Burrell, an award winning, natural beauty pioneer and entrepreneur, top 100 industry influencer, senior lecturer, international speaker, featured in the Wall St Journal, New York Times, The Telegraph & Marie Claire.  Managed by Bernard P Achampong (former Premier Christian Radio director and award-winning BBC producer), recorded by Emma Holland (Worship leader and producer). Produced by Kofi Osei-Owusu. Consulted by Luke Smith (produced and written for Amy Whinehouse, George Michael, Andrew Lloyd Webber).

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