Imagine… a New Year’s resolution you can stick to

Did you make a New Year’s resolution? Every year, fewer people do. And maybe that’s because by now, nearly half of them have been abandoned.

But if you are resolved to make 2021 the year you get going in God’s mission, then we at Church Mission Society are resolved to help you!

That’s why we have created the Imagine box.

This four-part series has been specially created to guide you through taking your first steps in God’s mission. Over 12 months, you will learn how to listen for God’s call, understand how he is already at work in your community and come up with imaginative new ways of serving him.
When you sign up for the Imagine box – for a suggested donation of just £5 a month – you’ll receive four packs (one every three months). Every pack includes:

  • A story of someone serving in God’s mission in imaginative ways
  • Tips for re-charging your God-given imagination
  • Ways to pray for God’s mission
  • Access to bonus online materials
  • And more!

Best of all, as you discover God’s plan for you in his mission, your monthly gift will be helping others who are using their imaginations to share Jesus’ love in creative ways.

It’s a new year. Let us help you make 2021 the year you discover what God has in store for you.

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