Video Game Celebrates Black History

London based video game, Flick Solitaire is supporting Black History Month and diversity by working with underrepresented artists from around the world.

Flick Solitaire – fuelled by art and fast becoming the finest solitaire game on mobile, has released its latest deck this week. My Hair Is My Crown, created by St. Louis based artist, Sam Modder. The hand drawn deck dripping in contrasting and complementary gold and purple, stunningly symbolises shared Black experiences, pride and self-love.

As part of Flick’s ongoing commitment to diversity, and in celebration of Black History Month both in the US and UK (October), Flick Solitaire exclusively features talented Black artists and their inspiring work. Also featured, is the commemorative deck dedicated to Black History Month. Created by England based, digital artist and animator, Gifty, this deck lovingly delivers a handful of historical iconic black people who over the last hundreds of years have helped shape history and culture.  

This remarkable collection of cards are free to download for schools and teachers, providing an accessible and engaging way to celebrate black history.

Raising awareness about important issues through art and play is at the forefront of Flick’s agenda. Working with artists all over the world adds an incomparable richness to the game that players love, along with the artists too. 

Nigeria born visual artist and engineer, Sam, moved to the US to study her Masters in Fine Art at Washington University, St Louis. Following in the footsteps of family artists, Sam started to draw at a young age. Enriched by her country of birth, along with Sri Lanka where she was raised, and personal experiences as a young, Black woman, her art style was born. Sam reclaims the very streets she grew up on with the dominance and energy of the characters she creates.

Sam’s art shouts of a confidence, and power that stares the world right in the face.  Her deck deals with tender but tremendous boldness, the beauty in Black people, Black hair and style. Flick Solitaire is massively proud to support this young artist’s symbolism. The Ace cards feature different hair combs which Sam explains the message behind:

‘I wanted to celebrate and uplift Blackness, and for me Black hair does that because it connects Black people from all across the diaspora. It’s beautiful, it’s versatile, it’s an outlet for creativity and personal expression. I wanted to highlight a range of different Black hair styles and textures, and acknowledge this natural crown we have been blessed with. I had most fun creating the Aces, which are different combs used specifically on natural hair. I love the strong shapes these combs have and how they have come to be powerful symbols of self-love and Black empowerment.’

Sam Modder

Flick Solitaire provides not only a place to play relaxing beautiful card games, but also a platform for artists and their unique work to shine. 17 gifted artists have now participated in pumping this game, available on iOS and Android, full of aesthetic art. The only dilemma for players is which deck to choose from and it hasn’t been made easier this month with four decks featured by artists from Philadelphia, to Missouri and London, including, Jemila Green-Okoloba, Gifty and Rain Demitri.

Players can find out more about these and all the awesome artists at

If anyone thought that this game is just a collection of card games, Flick Solitaire fiercely says different by its missions to commission underrepresented talent.  This is solitaire supercharged, packed with feeling and a passion for providing an online gallery for artists from all around the world. Each month Flick Solitaire brings a brand new deck, which is featured in-game forever.  New players can choose any of the stunning decks to start with.  Watch out for the “Thank Flick It’s Friday” feature each week where players can win double coins across all games.

With over 300k downloads, and 12 million games played, Flick Solitaire is here to show the world the less known and wonderful places art comes from and what it means to the artists behind it.  Players are in for much more art over the coming months from Japan to Italy.  Until then, get the game on iOS and Android and choose My Hair Is My Crown deck today!

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