New app combats Bible illiteracy with a fun game

Heroes 2 is the ultimate Bible Trivia Game! You start with Adam and Eve, the first heroes who ever lived. As you collect experience points (XP), you unlock other heroes. You will start in Genesis and end up in Revelation with John, the Son of Thunder.

Each game consists of 12 questions and the score is based on how quickly and accurately a player can answer them. At first, the questions are easy, but as the game progresses the questions get harder. In fact, the last level of question is labelled as “absolutely impossible questions”. But you have help!

Before starting a game, you can take up to 3 effects in your satchel (effects are power-ups that help you on your journey). There are 10 special effects that help you save time and progress faster. From the Elijah Effect, that gives you a double portion of XP, to the Friday Effect, which gives you double manna. By the way, you need manna to buy effects. You collect manna by knowing the Bible stories and answering correctly.

Heroes 2: The Bible Trivia Game is a lot of fun for the whole family, a challenge made for all ages!

Pre-order here: Apple App Store ; Google Play Store.

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