The World We Want launches ambitious “Humanifesto”

The World We Want (WWW), a purpose-driven global social impact enterprise launched to accelerate the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable
Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030, through positive action, strategic communications and global connections, has announced the launch of its Humanifesto: ABCD – ACT. BUILD. CHANGE. DO.

The Humanifesto, a four-pillared action blueprint designed to inspire shape-shifting strategies, daring innovations, and purpose-led dialogue to create ‘The World We Want’, will be WWW’s central philosophy and core criteria reflected across its work, with the premise of renewing the momentum towards achieving the SDGs in less than a decade and counteracting lost global progress in 2020 due to Covid-19.

WWW marked the launch of the Humanifesto with an energizing video, reflecting the potential and possibilities of a world which has achieved the goals. The video, as narrated to the rhythm of a thought-provoking original poem, details the aspirations for ‘The World We Want’ – spotlighting the importance of empathy, respect, acceptance, and accountability for our actions.

The pandemic has impacted each of the UN’s SDGs in various capacities and exacerbated the pre-existing yearly funding gap of over US$3 trillion to achieve the goals by 2030, essentially stalling SDGs action. With less than a decade left, there is urgent need to get back on track, ramp up global efforts to reverse the slowdown, and recharge our actions to bring our attention back to achieving the Goals by 2030.

WWW believes that the key to creating systemic, purposeful change lies in the power of purpose, the power of the collective, the power of solidarity and the superhuman things that can be achieved if we work together, work harder, and work smarter to convert our awareness of issues into real meaningful action. Speaking about the launch, Global SDGs campaigner and Founder of The World We Want Natasha Mudhar said,

“We strongly believe that anything can be achieved by the 7.8 billion people on this planet, whose hearts are in the right place, whose minds are focused on one common goal and whose endeavors are amplified to ensure that no effort goes without making an impact.

“The can-do, must-do, will-do spirit of proactive and progressive thinking is what we believe will drive our achievement in realizing our global goals.

“We are inviting people to join us and ideate with us on our mission to create a more collaborative and inclusive movement aligned to SDGs action.”

WWW (co)-curates global movements for a planet that is free, fair, and future ready, for everyone, everywhere. Its remit centers around uniting and galvanising multi-sector stakeholders across the private, non-profit, celebrity and government sector to create a world ready and capable of positive action and change. WWW uses the power of purpose, the strength of collaborations, its own proprietary metrics and Accelerator ventures, strategies, and creative storytelling to mobilise action, shape policies and define priorities.

Recent high impact campaigns include the launch of the ‘We Are Family’ initiative in partnership with the WHO Foundation and supported by the World Health Organization (WHO) to use the power of solidarity and unity to propel global citizen engagement in response to global health issues such as Covid-19, driving the influencer engagement strategy for the Government of India to support the launch of the world’s largest Covid-19 vaccination drive, and releasing UNESCO’s Global Network of Learning Cities in over 30 countries and across 6 continents, to help achieve SDG 4 – Quality Education by promoting policy dialogue and peer learning among member cities.

Visit The World We Want’s website to request access to the Humanifesto and watch the inspiring film here:

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