Join Mother’s Union for Seven days of prayer for women

In a poignant ceremony, Wendy Higgs and her granddaughter Rosa dropped Rosa’s mother Mallow’s jewellery into the wishing fountain during their break at Sidholme, Mothers’ Union’s holiday venue near Sidmouth.

Mothers’ Union is highlighting their story, and how we provided support through our Away From It All holidays (AFIA), as part of our Make a Mother’s Day appeal.

Mallow died in 2018, and Wendy and husband Jeff, who have been very involved in Rosa’s life since she was born, stepped up to care full time for her. Rosa, aged 10, lives with them on their North Dorset farm.

Rosa attends a Faith school near her grandparents’ home and she and her family have had support through school and the local church. Wendy and Rosa live in Salisbury diocese, who organised for  Wendy and Rosa to go on two Mothers’ Union’s AFIA holidays.

Mothers’ Union AFIA holidays help around 2,500 UK families a year to get away for a break, take part in activities to encourage closeness and spend quality time together.*

Mothers’ Union is running Seven Days of Prayer as part of the Mothering Sunday appeal, starting on International Women’s Day on 8 March and continuing until Mothering Sunday on 14 March. The aim is to pray for woman and girls worldwide, facing challenges like Wendy and Rosa.

The daily prayers cover women’s education, economic empowerment, a call for an end to poverty, an end to gender-based violence, influence and equality, peace and reconciliation and a prayer for women of faith.

Among the readers will Baroness Sherlock OBE, and shadow Minister for Equalities MP Marsha De


Supporters can buy ethical gifts which help provide support for women facing difficult circumstances as part of Mother’s Union’s strategy to stop gender-based violence, encourage self-reliance and promote peace and safety, therefore building communities where families can thrive.

“We had two wonderful holidays at Sidholme,”

says Wendy.

“I really value the work that Mother’s Union does.”

Wendy’s daughter Mallow struggled with alcohol addiction and was also diagnosed as bipolar, which prevented her caring regularly for Rosa. “I feel regret and guilt,” Wendy, aged 71, says.

“It is hard and it always will be.”

On Mothering Sunday, Wendy and Rosa exemplify the value of strong family bonds, and how Mothers’ Union support can make a crucial difference during difficult times.

Getting away, resting, taking part in activities and being with other families facing challenges, gave Rosa and Wendy the space to remember Mallow together.

“We had a lot of support from Mothers’ Union volunteers and made relationships with other families of African heritage, which is important for Rosa,”

says Wendy.

On this day of appreciating parents and caregivers, Mothers’ Union is celebrating the value of family togetherness and the role of mothers.

Mothers’ Union Worldwide President, Sheran Harper, says:

“Mothers’ Union is a Christian movement for change, active in the heart of communities worldwide. On Mothering Sunday, we are following our mission to build a movement for change, through kindness, courage and compassionate action. We ask you to join us by donating, praying and raising awareness of what we do.”

Mothers’ Union’s Make A Mother’s Day:

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