Locked down but looking up – Four Easter resources

As lockdowns continue and the world slowly emerges from the coronavirus pandemic, Christian charity Lifewords has a range of four Easter resources available free for churches, organisations, and individuals. Using the Bible’s own words to journey through the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection, all the resources are designed to invite people into the new hope and joy that Easter holds.

Available in print, digital and downloadable formats, these resources can be used by individuals, in groups, and in family contexts; people chat about them on Zoom with friends, put them in food parcels, and give them away; teachers use them to take students through the Easter story, and churches use them in their services and outreach. Each highlights part of the Bible narrative and together they tell the whole story.

The Easter Journey

This 20-page booklet takes us from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. A vibrant and colourful resource, it brings scriptures to life with bold illustrations and
graphics. A series of eight animations for The Easter Journey can be viewed online at www.youtube.com/lifewords or www.facebook.com/LifewordsUK
Free downloads (for services, and events) are available at: www.lifewords.global/easter

“We were able to give one to everyone who came to our Easter services, and we do get a few non-regulars at this time. It was a great take away book, to
encourage further reflection. I think an important part of the work is to plant seeds, and in some cases, to help those who have some contact with church to consider further steps in their journey of faith.”

(Church Leader)

Day Three: Believe the Women

Through compelling contemporary illustrations, Day Three: Believe the Women is a 28-page booklet that tells the story from the perspective of the
women that were with Jesus through his journey, and to whom the glorious news of his rising was given. New for 2021 is a series of animations to

view and share, and a longer version that churches and individuals can also download and use – available now at www.youtube.com/lifewords or www.facebook.com/LifewordsUK

“These give-away accounts of Resurrection Sunday place a particular emphasis on the extraordinary role of women in the story. They consist of direct excerpts from the gospel accounts juxtaposed with gritty, contemporary images of modern women. This sheds a fresh and vivid perspective on the old, old story which continues to be meaningful in every new generation.”

(Revd Dr H Paynter, Bristol Baptist College)

One Friday

One Friday is a wonderfully illustrated 32-page booklet. With powerful watercolour paintings by artist Jenny Hawke, it captures the moments
leading to the crucifixion through the 14 Stations of the Cross. Produced as part of the One Friday campaign, hundreds of churches have now reached
and engaged their communities in new and creative ways through this resource.

“One Friday is a lovely book. We ordered several to be part of the Easter display table in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets Town Hall foyer. We are an inner-city borough with a high Muslim workforce. We are a strong Christian Prayer Group in the town hall and other buildings. For four days the books were on display. The images are beautiful and the scriptures poignant.”

(Church Leader)

Witness: Easter Voices

This credit card size, 12-page concertina-style resource expands to reveal 9 quotes – ideal for giving away to anyone hearing the good news. Through
the voices of those that were present, Witness: Easter Voices gives a short introduction to the events leading up to Jesus’ death and resurrection – from
the cynics who doubted, to the Roman Governor who did not find him guilty, to Jesus’ friend and betrayer Judas Iscariot, to Jesus himself.

“I’m running Easter events for KS2 children over the next month – 7 schools, 800 pupils! This event is called Investigate Easter which the children must evaluate, and I thought your Easter Voices booklet fitted in perfectly. I always offer the children something extra to take away from the event which gives an overview of the story and suggests where they can find out more.”


To order any of these free booklets (available in packs of 10), visit www.lifewords.global

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