AJ Evans Gets Us ‘Hooked’ with latest single

AJ Evans gives the impression of any normal teenager upon first encounter.  But when given the microphone and the music begins, his love for God and reverence for the things of God shines like the noonday sun.  AJ puts it all in proper focus with the release of Hooked, his debut single for Enon Music Group//The Orchard/Sony, now available for pre-order.

AJ’s musical influences are shaped by the depth of appreciation for music he received from his father, Alphonso Evans, Sr.  After his Dad, he draws upon the musicality of Kirk Franklin, PJ Morton and Jonathan McReynolds.  AJ is an honors student at the Haverford School in Philadelphia where he continues to sharpen his craft as part of the school’s celebrated music program that features an internationally renouned acapella ensemble.  AJ is governed by Proverbs 3:5-6 and holds fast to honoring God in all that you do, so that He can show you what path you should take. 

EMG Vice President Garland Miche Waller believes this is a perfect example of scripture on display. 

“The Bible says Train up a child in the way he should go, AJ is the product of parents who nurtured and raised him to love God ,\so what he has, he got honest.  It wasn’t just that he was around the church, but he was in the church long enough for the church to get into him.  What we get is a young man who loves the Lord and his love for God is on display for people to see and hear.”

AJ knows how to lead people to experience God’s presence and praise is the expected result.  Hooked will breathe life into the year as AJ Evans marches forward to declare the goodness of the Lord.

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