Largest Online Prayer Meeting announced for Pentecost Sunday

The National Day of Prayer and Worship, along with other Church and network Leaders have announced plans today (Monday 1st March) to hold the largest online prayer gathering on Sunday 23rd May 2021 to mark Pentecost Sunday. 

The ‘In One Accord’ events will unite Christians and churches from across the UK and Ireland in two virtual gatherings, one a church service in the morning and a national virtual celebration style event in the afternoon.

This call begins the journey towards the third phase of a vision to be launched in the coming months to see increased prayer within the nation from the National Day of Prayer and Worship. This builds upon over 32,500 Christians gathering at Wembley Stadium for a national day of prayer and worship in September 2012. This was followed by two years of Joining the Dots meetings across the nation which saw over 300 towns and cities visited by the National Day of Prayer and Worship team

The vision behind the call this coming Pentecost Sunday is to unite the church around praying for revival, unity and healing for our communities.

Both National Celebrations will take place on Sunday 23rd May 2021; firstly, a church service which will take place at 11.00am. Churches are being encouraged to consider linking into this service as part of their Sunday service on Pentecost Sunday. 

The largest virtual national prayer gathering will begin at 2.00pm and is open to everyone.

Speaking about the launch of Virtual Pentecost, Dr Jonathan Oloyede of the National Day of Prayer and Worship said

“I’m delighted to share the idea that God gave me around Virtual Pentecost. In the Bible, it says that on the Day of Pentecost, all the believers were in one place.

As we seek to look at how we respond moving forward from this pandemic as a united body of Christ, I believe the Lord gave me a command to call a virtual prayer gathering on Pentecost Sunday to unite the church in prayer. I’m delighted that other national and local church leaders have agreed to stand with me in this vision.

This last year has been a challenge for many fellowships across the whole of the nation but I believe God has a plan to give a fresh outpouring of His Spirit on His church in this next season.

I would call on all Christians in this nation to join us on Pentecost Sunday as we pray, pray and pray again for God’s plans and purposes to be fulfilled! “

To register to take part in Virtual Pentecost 2021, please visit 

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