Christian Event Leaders Sign Open Letter Highlighting Need For Support

Leaders of Christian events across the UK have signed an open letter encouraging Christians around the country to consider how they can support the future of Christian festivals and events. The letter, commissioned by Spring Harvest and New Wine working together, brings awareness to the hardships many events have faced in the last two years during covid, and seeks to highlight the need to support all Christian gatherings, events and festivals in the coming years.

Along with Spring Harvest and New Wine, signatories of the letter include event organisers from Festival of Life, Fusion, Youthscape, CreationFest, Kingdom Worship Movement and Festival of Praise encouraging awareness of and the encouragement to support Christian festivals and events this year.

Phil Loose, CEO of Essential Christian the charity who runs Spring Harvest , says,

“We are sensitive to the pain we are all going through in the pandemic. But in looking forward, Christian events and festivals in the UK have both a legacy that has impacted millions of people around the country, but also a place to gather the church together again. They create a space where we leave our day-to-day routine and where God can impact us radically. Through this letter, Christian event leaders are standing in unity, because we share the same Kingdom goals, to see Jesus glorified and people find faith in Him.“

The letter highlights the legacy and impact Christian events have had over the years and shares the financial and practical hardships they have faced during the COVID-19 pandemic. It goes on to highlight that support in both prayer and in finances is needed if these events are to continue to thrive into 2022. 

Jules Morgan, Executive Director of New Wine says,

“Whether through prayer, attending online events, or financial gifts we hope that readers will answer our call to support all Christian events. I would encourage everyone that regardless of who they support, by supporting one event this year – even if you cannot attend – you will help ensure you can be there next year. We stand together in thanking the UK’s Christian community in their support of many years, and in all they will do to support us this year.”

The letter can be found here:

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