Shaun Bailey launches plan to tackle knife crime

For so many families this last five years has been marked by heartbreak. Hundreds of Londoners have died in the knife crime epidemic that has gripped London.

At the root of the problem is a political leader, who has prioritised PR over the police and virtue-signalling over action, Sadiq Khan.

Sadiq Khan has claimed that his 60% increase in knife crime would take anyone 10 years to get a handle on. Today, Shaun Bailey has outlined his comprehensive vision for London that will tackle knife crime now, and protect London’s streets from further bloodshed.

Shaun Bailey will hire more police, more youth workers, open youth centres, and importantly he will back stop and search.

Sadiq Khan pledged to overhaul stop and search in November, a repeat of his 2016 pledge to “do everything in my power to cut stop and search”.

Sadiq Khan was forced to row back amid rising crime in 2017. He escalated stop and search from 148,000 incidents in 2016 to 267,000 in 2019. Now he is reopening this divide, by “reviewing” Met police stop and search practices to reduce its usage. His flip-flopping has starved the MET of confidence in what is one of their key tools in combating record levels of violent crime on the streets of London.

Shaun Bailey has committed to prioritising and strengthening stop and search in a sensitive and proportional manner and to give consistent support to the police and their communities. He will also introduce non-intrusive scanning technology in public places across London, to keep our streets safe.

Shaun Bailey was joined by Jazna Badzak, mother of Sven Badzak who was tragically murdered on London’s streets just weeks before. She has known Shaun Bailey for several years from his time as a youth worker and today she backed Shaun Bailey to deliver a safer London, saying:

“We live in a city where parents are scared to let their children walk home from school. And we have to ask ourselves: what kind of Mayor would be satisfied with this city?

Sadiq Khan has failed at his job in a most fundamental way. If the Mayor can’t keep us safe, then no other successes really matter.”

Shaun also spoke alongside Sir Paul Stephenson, former Metropolitan Police Commissioner. Sir Paul has had a long career of public service and will be endorsing Shaun’s plan today:

“For anyone who doesn’t know Shaun, then take a look at his career.

He spent 20 years as a youth worker helping young Londoners get out of

crime and turn their lives around. As part of his youth work, he teamed up with many of my officers on the ground –  helping them to reach the right people.

He doesn’t just understand the problems London faces, he also

understands the kind of support police officers need to tackle crime.”

Shaun Bailey, Conservative Candidate for London Mayor, said:

“As Mayor, I will put public safety first. I will make long-term savings in City Hall’s budget to recruit 8,000 extra police officers and get them patrolling our streets.That way, we can put criminals under pressure — not communities. 

I will reopen all 38 police stations that Sadiq Khan closed.That way, Londoners can always speak to an officer when they need to.

I will also give the police the political support they need to do their jobs.

Which is something that Sadiq Khan has refused to do.”

Jasna Badzak – Mother of Sven Badzak, said:

“We must recognise that we live in a city where crime is out of control.

We live in a city where one murder in one weekend is a good weekend. And we don’t have that many good weekends. We live in a city where parents are scared to let their children walk home from school. And we have to ask ourselves: what kind of Mayor would be satisfied with this city?

Sadiq Khan has failed at his job in a most fundamental way. If the Mayor can’t keep us safe, then no other successes really matter. Sadiq Khan has proven time and again that he just doesn’t take crime seriously. He threatened to cut police budgets last year — in the middle of a knife crime epidemic. He refuses to give police the support they need to do their jobs. He uses City Hall’s budget to hire press officers instead of police officers.

Parents: he just doesn’t care. I personally saw he doesn’t care.”

Sir Paul Stephenson – Former Met Police Commissioner, said:

“It doesn’t take a former Metropolitan Police Commissioner to tell you that crime in London is now the primary issue of concern for many that live here.

And I don’t pretend that there has ever been a time when London political leaders, or indeed the cops, could sit back, rest on their laurels and say job done. And I know that the Commissioner and all her officers will certainly not be doing that – they will be toiling day and night to confront the scourge of crime, violent crime, on the streets of the capital.

 But today just feels different. Listen to Londoners. 

Mothers worried about their children getting stabbed. Fathers worried about their teenagers joining gangs. Ordinary Londoners wanting to feel that there are enough police officers walking their streets, giving them the confidence that their public spaces are places to enjoy. Providing the confidence that there is, in effect, a sort of uniform governance of the streets they live, work and play in.

 These anxieties go beyond the efforts of your police service – they are about political leadership.”

Shaun Bailey’s Plan to Tackle Knife Crime

Khan’s closing of police stations and cutting of budgets have strained the met’s ability to fight crime on the ground. 

By reopening 38 police stations and hiring 8,000 new police officers, Shaun Bailey will turn the tide on criminals in the capitol. 

But it’s not enough to just focus on policing, we need to tackle crime at its source. 

By opening a youth centre in every borough in London and hiring an extra 4,000 youth workers, Shaun will provide spaces for young people to get away from the pressures that drive them into the hands of gangs. 

Shaun will empower the police with new powers such as stop and scan and search.

Shaun’s own experience as a youth worker taught him how important it is that the police be empowered, and politically supported to take weapons off the streets. 

Shaun believes that the priority is always to save lives, but that stop and search is a sensitive topic, so tackling it with care and proportionality is essential to improving the relations between communities and their police. 

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